Friday, August 12, 2011

You Ought to give Iowa a Try

The Republicans had one of their first big primary debates yesterday in Iowa.  I watched the whole two hours because I'm very interested in making the right decision as to who I will vote for.  In general, I wasn't impressed.  It seemed everyone had one main message they were trying to get across.  I decided to take the main message that each candidate was emphasizing and summarize it here for you.  So here is my interpretation of what each candidate really wanted to express.

Newt Gingrich: Don't ask me hard questions, that's mean.

Ron Paul:  We need smaller government.  Also, the constitution is super cool.  You guys should totally read it.

Rick Santorum:  You should let me talk more.  Ron Paul is wrong about stuff.

Mitt Romney:  Barack Obama hates jobs.  I will create jobs.

Herman Cain: We need lower taxes.  Oh, and I own a business.

Tim Pawlenty: Michelle Bachmann is the devil.

Michelle Bachmann: nuh-uh. Tim Pawlenty is the devil.

Jon Huntsman: I'm proud of my record. No, seriously, I'm really proud of my record.

We'll see what the Straw Poll has to say about the results of this debate.  For me, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain came out ahead.  (At least their main message had something to do with what they would do as President.)

But you don't have to take my word for it.  Feel free to watch the debate yourself:

What do you think?


  1. I couldn't get the "Iowa Stubborn" song out of my head while I read this!

  2. I watched the whole debate and agreed with your summary. The straw poll has come out and has Michelle Bachman as the winner with Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty as 2nd and 3rd. Romney was a lousy 7th. As far as agreeing with them I would probably go with your ratings but as far as being confident, aggressive and defending their points of view (which I didn't always agree on) I thought Bachman and Paul were right up there. Maybe that is all just part of their strategies right now.

  3. I agree it was an unimpressive debate. Maybe Stephen Colbert can help Romney a little. We'll see what happens in the future. Though I'm afraid that this may end up being the Republican's strategy:,21113/

  4. I was getting caught up with my blogs. Your blog always makes me laugh, not just chuckle, but laugh. out. loud. to the point tears well up. I wish I didn't live so far. My husband needs to be introduced to the wonderfulness that was my existence at the Crestwood.

  5. Melissa, I agree. I need to meet your husband. You also need to meet my wife. (I know you kind of met her on Google chat but that doesn't really count.)

    You should totally come visit. I visited you last, so it's totally your turn.

  6. Thank you for the short version. You're funny.


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