Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Tale of the Blue Cup: A Tragedy

The other night I was in the kitchen and Robyn was in the other room.  She heard me exclaim, "Oh No!"  with great sadness in my voice.

"What happened?" She yelled.  My reply was simple: "Something very bad."  Of course, she came running, fearing that I was dying.  What she didn't realize is that it was something much worse.  You see, I had dropped my beloved blue cup.  In an attempt to catch it in midair I accidentally smashed it up against the chair and delivered it a fatal blow in the from of a giant crack on the side.

This cup has been the official drinking receptacle in my life for a number of years.  It should be noted that I love Robyn more than the cup, but I have been with the cup longer than I've been with Robyn.  As you can see, the loss of this cherished blue cup is a great tragedy.

I told this tale of woe to James Blunt.  He wanted to give a tribute to our good friend The Blue Cup.  He and I collaborated on the following song.  (He wrote most of the lyrics and all of the music.  I just helped him make a couple minor tweaks.)

Goodbye my blue cup.  Goodbye my friend.

P.S. If the video doesn't play for you, you can go here


  1. Dear Jeff,

    My heart aches for you during your time of loss. I can only imagine how painful it must be to see your cherished friend perish.

    My thoughts are with you,



    I have 2 blue cups...just like that. Big ones.

    I think I would probably give you one (OR BOTH!...but Bart might be sad if both were gone) if you come visit me.

  3. As you may remember, I lost one of my dear friends when I dropped my beautiful teal plate on my half birthday a couple years ago. I know how you feel to an extent (you were friends with your blue cup for much longer though.) I'm sorry for your loss.

    I do love the song you and James Blunt wrote together though. "Goodbye--blue cup.--goodbye my friend."

  4. I haven't stopped crying since I read this post. You and that cup had some great times. I will always remember that cup with fondness. I am preparing the eulogy for tonight's memorial service.

  5. I'm so sorry! That was a touching tribute. :)

  6. Thank you all for your kind words in this time of sorrow. Josie, I would love to have a little Blue Cup the second. If I'm ever in your area I'll totally visit. But until then I will scour all the nearby stores for a cup that can be an adequate replacement. (Not that anyone can truly replace a cup of such awesomeness.)

  7. The worst part was seeing your face just after it happened. It was one of the saddest faces I have ever seen. We will find you another cup, my love.

  8. now that is true love.

    What a great tribute.

  9. That was a beautiful (cup) tribute.

  10. I still watch this and giggle as if it's my first time listening to it!

  11. Deanna, that makes me really happy.

    I'm glad you like it.


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