Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Baby Steps

A while back I wrote about some of the baby steps Robyn and I had taken. (Small steps, or steps toward a baby, depending on how you choose to interpret.)  I wanted to give you a little update on some of those steps.

First, the butterflies all survived to adulthood.  We released them into the world.  Much like human children, however, we did have one that would not leave.  He was thinking, "In here you feed me, out there I have to get my own food."  Eventually we just took the orange slice he was sitting on and set it outside.  I hope we don't have to do something similar when we have our own children.  Do we just set the kitchen table outside and hope they eventually go away?

Second, the garden was a phenomenal success.  We raised millions of tomatoes, lots of corn, cilantro, rosemary, pumpkins and even watermelon.  Whenever my mom asked me about when she was getting grandchildren I told her she was welcome to come babysit the watermelons.  They weighed as much as babies and you could totally hold them and rock them if you like. 
Here is a picture of Robyn giving the watermelon a bath.  But that is where we have to stop the baby metaphor because after this we ate the watermelon.  While some species do eat their young, it's just a little to creepy to think about.

Third, Jared is not dead.  Even though in this picture he is walking somewhat zombie like.  Remember that undead is not dead so it totally counts.

So, as you can see we've become quite the experts at keeping other organisms alive.  Does this mean we're ready for human organisms?  Well, I don't know when human organisms will come along, but I do know that when they do I reserve the right to behave exactly as the fathers in this video do.


  1. Wimps! Well, at least the one in the space suit was smart. I think you will be like the smart one, or you will just leave it all up to me.

  2. You are going to be such a great dad. I don't think you've ever had to change my diaper, but you have done my dishes and you did that without a mask. I think after that delicious watermelon you have proven yourself worthy.

  3. Yes, I agree. Don't worry, I think you are indeed ready for species propagation. And also don't worry about eating your posterity, I think you'll find the strength to resist the urge. Also, if you just think about it logically, it really makes it hard to help the species continue when you keep eating your babies. So yeah, just don't do it; you'll be fine.

  4. I think it sounds like you're not so terrified anymore...success! I'm so excited for my friends to have babies, but then again, that means we won't be able to hang out nearly as often. That makes me pretty sad.

  5. Most impressive, Jeff. You are ready, I think. Is the hazmat suit on your Christmas list?

  6. I read this post to my sister. My mom might need to start setting the table outside, if you catch my drift...


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