Thursday, December 3, 2009

28 Things I Love About Robyn On Her 28th Birthday

Today is Robyn's Twenty Eighth Birthday.  To celebrate, I have selected 28 things that are great about her.  Of course, I could write many more than 28.  If there is anything you feel I missed, I would love you to share it in a comment.

1. She is fun to be with
2. She is kind
3. She is beautiful
4. She is funny and makes me laugh often
5. When she's not funny she tells me to laugh anyway
6. She is smart
7. She takes care of me
8. She is loving
9. She works hard
10. She likes to cuddle
11. She gives me space when I want it
12. She is an amazing cook
13. She likes to beautify our home
14. She keeps our home clean
15. I enjoy conversations with her
16. She's a thinker, and I love to hear her thoughts on all sorts of subjects
17. She is an excellent kisser
18. She is a reader
19. She likes movies
20. She's amazing with children
21. She fits in so well with my family and friends
22. She celebrates me, even though I often embarrass her
23. She is a hardcore Trekkie
24. She knows when to have fun and when to be serious
25. She laughs when I tell her to, even if she thinks I'm not funny
26. She has good ideas all the time
27. She is good at surprises and having the "sneaky face" as we call it
28. There isn't anyone I would rather spend my time with

Happy Birthday Robyn!

Update: Carol (Robyn's mom) and Kayli both wrote birthday tributes to Robyn as well.


  1. Thank you! It was such a sweet treat to wake up and read this post. Thank you for putting into writing what you tell me all the time, and most importantly, thank you for making me feel special today and always! I love you too!

  2. I appreciate that Robyn gives such good advice. Happy birthday Robyn.

  3. Robyn is wonderful in so many ways! I'm so glad you were smart and married her. Happy birthday, Robyn!

  4. I like how Robyn is so good for you!!!

  5. Robyn is all of these great things. I can confirm that she is a great cook. She also loves shoes, which is a great quality. Happy Birthday, Robyn!!

  6. She hits the floor in .0053 seconds when you scare her as she comes around a corner. It makes my day. Love Kenny

  7. I love the 28 things you love about Robyn. Just think what the list will include when you are both in your 90's!

  8. Um, I loved the "That's why we don't say things entry". And it's good to see some good love being expressed.

  9. Robyn is very forgiving. Especially when you accidentally cut her shirt while trying to cut her hair or you get her hair caught in the back end of the blowdryer. :-)

  10. I also love how she fits in so well with us and she completes you in so many ways. The two of you are so great together. Love you Robyn


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