Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Genetics of Sound

What does a car sound like?  What does an explosion sound like?  How often do you see little boys playing with toy cars and toy guns?  They make pretty good sounds to go along with their play.  Have you ever heard a female make those sounds?

Tonight at our annual work Christmas party we got together and had some excellent food and excellent conversation.  Near the end the conversation turned to a very important subject.  Have you wondered why you never hear little girls making car sounds or explosions sounds?  I have a simple explanation.  I believe that the ability to make those sounds resides on the Y chromosome.

My amazing wife Robyn has agreed to share some sounds with you that she made.  She puts up with alot of wierd stuff that I make her do for my amusement.  This is one of those things.

First we have a machine gun sound:

No, it wasn't a sprinkler.

Next is a car sound:

My personal favorite is the "vroom."

Thanks again Robyn for putting up with me and being willing to share these sounds. Robyn and I had alot of laughs trying to record those sounds. We have alot of fun laughing at ourselves. She did an amazing job so maybe my theory is disproven. I'll let you decide.


  1. Wow, so you're blog post crashes my Internet Explorer and almost freezes up my Firefox. It appears Quicktime is trying to claim authority over whatever audio format you posted, and it's not doing so hot as a browser plugin.

    As for girls and the lack of solid noise execution, Emily and I have had this conversation before. She admits defeat by a long shot in the noise making department.

  2. I changed it so it now uses flash for anyone else who was having problems with the quicktime plugin.

  3. Love car sounds. I remember making machine gun sounds like everyday...until I turned 27, now I am too old for such things. I am glad that I am a boy.

  4. Thank you for stating that I am amazing. It only took me a couple of time before I could sort of do it without laughing.

  5. You need to hear Sam make his missile sound! I've been wondering how in the heck did he figure out how to do that? It's not like we live in a war zone and he hears it all the time! It's not like he watches war movies!
    Now I know it's just in his DNA! Thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. Robyn is truly amazing. I don't believe I can make those sounds as well as she does. She may have to represent all Stockett girls in the sound making arena.


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