Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tenth Moniversary

Well, here it is, the tenth Moniversary. (As always, if you're new to my blog, you can refer to the first Moniversary post to find out what a Moniversary is.) The month hasn't been too adventurous, but we've had a few fun times. Among them were a creature that showed up unexpectedly, Robyn's new look and her new green thumb abilities. Below are a few other experiences of the past month.

A Most Delicious Treat
I had a companion on my mission that loved to put peaches in jello. He would make gallons of peach filled jello and we would just eat it for every meal. It was the greatest thing ever. I had told Robyn about that so she recently made me my favorite treat. She was then surprised at how quickly I consumed the whole thing.

Bear Lake Trip
My good friend Jared William invited Robyn and I to go spend a weekend with his family at their cabin. It was tons of fun, we went swimming in the lake and had some good time to hang out. Of course, my personal favorite from the whole trip was watching him jump on the trampoline with his mom as she giggled with simultaneous terror and delight.

Robyn's Awesome Outfit

There isn't much of a story here. But I just wanted to include this awesome picture. It was a Sunday morning. Robyn had already put her dress on for church but she was cold, so she improved her outfit. I wanted her to wear it to church but she wouldn't.

"What is wrong with you?!?!"
I got up on a Sunday morning and Robyn was brushing her hair in the bathroom. I came up and hugged her from behind. She looked at me in the mirror and exclaimed, "What is wrong with you?!?!?" My reply was, "I'm sorry, I just love you." Of course, she was referring to my mutant eye. I got an infection in the skin around my eye and had to go to the doctor for an antibiotic before it would go away. She affectionately called me mutant for the next few days. The funny thing was that the reason she had freaked out was because it had been getting swollen for several days, but seeing me in the mirror she thought it had switched eyes.


  1. I love you mutant! I have had a fun month with going to California and all, so I had a few more adventures then you did. Sorry. I still love you! Oh, and I am glad your eye is getting better!

  2. What kind of jello were the peaches put in? I always put them in peach jello! I've never seen it in blue, but maybe I should try it! :)

    Bear Lake sounds like so much fun.

    I love Robyn's outfit and hair!

    Is your eye all healed? Do you know what happened to get the infection?

  3. Looks like a great celebration- sorry about your eye it looks like it OWS!!!

  4. I'm sorry about the eye, but I love the moniversaries!!! I'm so

  5. I'm sorry about the eye, but I love the moniversaries!!! I'm so

  6. So...what was the diagnosis on the eye?
    I love green jello-o and pears!

  7. I'm glad you're no longer a mutant! I love Robyn's outfit. And I would have loved to watch Mary giggle in terror and delight!!
    Good month!

  8. Aren't monthiversaries the best? Today is my 38th (and they keep getting better). I'm so excited that you two continue to celebrate and I hope you always do!

  9. Can I just say that I love your 'Monniversary' idea? I was seriously just wondering to myself if Jeff had another Monniversary update? They are so funny!



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