Friday, June 26, 2009

Hawaii Adventures Part 2

Well, yesterday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. There was some way fun stuff there, so I thought I'd better share some more experiences. The first few will be from the PCC but I will share some others from today as well.

Learning How To Hula
They had a section where they taught us to Hula. Robyn did it well, I did not. But this picture is of us doing the same thing so I can pretend I'm as good as her.
Tahitian Noni
Okay, so this may not mean anything to those outside of Utah. But there is a company called Tahitian Noni that I pass on the freeway every time I go north on I15. I've had their candy and they produce all sorts of products all of which contain Noni Juice. I've known about the company my whole life, but I always figured "Noni Juice" was some sort of proprietary blend of fruits that they make. It turns out there is actually a fruit called Noni. I saw one, I smelled one, it smelled gross. They actually had Noni candy there that they were giving out. It made me think of home. But, in case you were wondering, this is what the Noni fruit looks like on the tree.

The Luau and Dance Show
This was 2 events, they had a huge buffet where they gave us a Lei and then let us eat all we wanted of Hawaiian style food and then we went to a big amphitheater where we watched lots of dancing. We didn't get any pictures of that part because our camera ran out of batteries but my favorite part was the fire dancing. This guy was throwing flaming sticks in the air and twirling them and lighting himself on fire, it was so awesome. We were 4th row front and center and there were times when we could feel the heat from the fire. I also really enjoyed the Tahitian dancing. It turns out in Tahiti their hips don't lie.

This is us looking precious at the Luau.
First Snorkeling Experience
So, up until today we've gone swimming in the ocean but I hadn't been snorkeling yet. We just walked out from our house to the ocean and decided to go snorkeling. It was so awesome! I first saw a super cool looking purple spotted lobster. I went back and got the underwater camera and wasn't able to find it again but then I later swam alongside a sea turtle for several minutes. I took several pictures with the underwater camera so hopefully some of those will turn out. I'm excited to do lots more snorkeling at even better locations so I can see more cool stuff. Even just the ocean floor is pretty interesting to look at.

Interview with Robyn
Robyn was reading and I was bored and ready to go to the beach so I interviewed her. It turns out her favorite thing is not having the camera in her face. So considering the small percentage of time the camera is in her face, we've had a good vacation so far!


  1. We are nerds! It is a good thing you don't put the camera in my face more often, or that cranky face might be fixed on my face for good.

    I am having a great time too. I love you.

  2. Haha, that is a great video. I'm glad you're keeping up with Blogger even while you're in Hawaii!

    I like luaus.

  3. Next time, take me?!
    Love you kids.

  4. I want a hula demonstration when we come visit next week. Or even better, a re-enactment of your swimming with the sharks! Megan would like that.

  5. Did anyone throw their hips out trying to do the hula? I was especially glad to hear that Robyn loves Jeff the most!! Glad your having fun. See you bright and early Wednesday morning!!!


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