Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hawaii Adventures Part 1

Well, we've been in Hawaii for just over 24 hours and we've already had some great experiences. I'll share just a few and I'm sure I'll be back periodically to share more adventures as they happen. So without further ado here are some of our experiences.

A Whole New Biology
This may sound really weird to bring up but the moment I got off the plane I notice how the plant life is so completely different here. I'm not a botanist or anything but I'm fairly familiar with all of the plant life in Utah. Then suddenly I get here and not only do I not know the names of the plants but they are so different from what I've used to. It's incredibly beautiful to see the plant life as well as the animal life, but I was surprised at how completely foreign it all is here. Here is the aloha tree that is inside the Honolulu airport.

Swimming with Sharks
I won't say too much about this because we bought a disposable underwater camera that I took some pictures with. We have to get those developed and then I will write about it. (Cross your fingers and hope that at least a few pictures turned out.) I just wanted everyone to know that I did in fact swim with sharks and it was awesome! The sharks weren't the traumatic part though, but I'll tell you about that later.

The Sandy Shorts
So Robyn and I went to the beach together. She is able to float effortlessly but for me to keep my head above water is more work. I floated with her for a while but then decided to go sit on the beach. But I didn't really sit on the beach, I sat in the shallow water and let it wash me in and out. Of course the bigger waves would drag me against the sand, and what I didn't realize was happening was that sand was filling my shorts. When I stood up they almost fell off. But I didn't realize how much sand was in them until I got home and discovered there was about a pound of sand down in the bottom. I still haven't gotten the sand out all the way. I'm sure I won't until after we're back in Utah.

Some Great Food
We've been out to eat just a few times but already there's been some good stuff. Our first night I had a burger that was bigger than my face. They put like a whole avocado on it. We also went to Ted's bakery tonight and got a delicious Macadamia Nut Cream Pie. The eatin' has been good!


  1. That pie is my favorite! I am in heaven every time I eat it.

    I am so glad you wrote about your shorts and the sand. I tried to warn you but I guess you can't hear me over the rolling waves. I do have to say that you looked pretty funny rolling about in the water.

    I am having a great time and I can't wait for the next few days!

  2. Macadamia Nut Cream Pie?!?!?
    I could take some of those nuts covered in chocolate if you want to bring back a souvenir for your pal deanna. And I'll try to sneak back some German chocolate for you.
    Aloha you crazy kids.

  3. A good burger and almost getting eaten by sharks. What more could you want out of your vacation? Keep up the good work work. Live it up.

  4. ahh sounds so fun!

    take lots of pictures!

  5. Isn't it crazy to get off the plane and get hit with all that humidity?
    It sounds great already! You should have some macadamia nut ice cream too.

  6. Ah, I'm experiencing this vicariously... except for the sand in the shorts thing. I'll leave that to you.

  7. Holy cow; that really does look like a whole avocado! I'm so glad you and Robyn are having great times. When do you two come back?

  8. Ahh, I'm so happy for you! You're in Hawaii! I'm so glad that you're having fun with your sweetie and i'm especially glad that you did not get eaten by sharks! Stay safe! Love you!

  9. Mahalo! Every day I think of you and am totally jealous...well, I could pass on the sand in the shorts part. Can't wait to see your pictures. Glad you survived the shark swim. I remember stargazing at night on the beach. Beautiful...try it!. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Aloha!

  10. I love Hawaii...if you get a chance....

    The PCC, shaved ice, road side fruit stands, macadamian nut farm, north shore, abc stores, i could go on and on...glad you're having an awesome time!

  11. I'm glad you still have all your limbs intact. Enjoy yourselves!!


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