Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eighth Moniversary

So, I'm a few days over due, but we recently had another moniversary, so I figured I'd better update the world on our latest stories. Of course, this month contained important events such as my birthday and the second grade play. In addition to those events there are a few others we need to discuss. They are as follows:

My First Ballet Experience
So one of Robyn's students was in a ballet put on by a community organization at an outdoor theater in Sandy. It was a fabulous experience, I had popcorn from the concession stand and we got to feel the cool evening breeze as we watched the ballet. Robyn said that I need to see a real professional ballet so I can really know what it's like. She also said there won't be popcorn at one of those so I think I'll stick to the community ballet for now.

Robyn puts on a Themed Dinner Party
Robyn got really excited to have another couple over for dinner. We had done that lots of times but since she had more time with school being out she wanted to make a big deal out of it. The theme was "Games." My contribution was that I used my excellent skills with google to find ideas to go along with the theme. She had the game Sorry as a center piece and for dinner we had "pickup sticks" (kabobs) with some sides and then for dessert we had "Apples 2 Apples crisp" it was a lot of fun and Robyn was a guru.

Robyn's Late Night Confusion
So my friend Jared William had come over and we were up pretty late one night. Robyn had already gone to bed and I invited Jared to just sleep in our guest bed so he wouldn't have to drive home. Apparently that night I was extra snorealicious so Robyn decided to go sleep in the guest bed. Apparently she stood there for like 10 minutes trying to figure out if someone was in the bed. I wish I could report that she actually got in the bed, imagine the awkwardness that would have ensued, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

I get Jealous that Robyn is a Teacher
So Robyn is now out of teaching school for the summer. She gets to sleep in and stay home all day and have all sorts of freedoms that I have not had since I was eight years old. (I've had some sort of employment since that age, even if it was only delivering papers or mowing lawns.) I'm not saying that teachers don't work hard during the school year but 3 months off is a pretty good benefit. So, to make it fair, my proposal is that Robyn and I switch professions to see whose is harder. I told her we should just try it for the next 3 months and then decide. Don't you think that's a good proposal?


  1. No! I worked hard to get these months off. If you teach all next school year then you can have 3 months off too. (even though it is more like 2 months)

    Thanks for working so hard. How about I take you to Hawaii next week.

  2. Hahaha, I think trading jobs for 3 months is a great idea. But not for Robyn.

    I wish Robyn would've gotten in the bed too. Maybe next month.

    I LOVE Robyn's game-themed dinner party idea! I think I might have to steal it when I'm married.

    P.S. I like popcorn.

  3. totally fair...I will support you in this quest.

  4. I'm gonna have to go with Robyn on this one... Summer is for the teacher's sanity more than any other reason! We soooo need the break. If you taught the whole school year, you would earn the summer break.

    And it is a shame that Robyn did not actually get into the bed! That would have made the story uber awesome!

  5. Moniversary blog entries make me happy!

  6. If you want a really fun dinner party/game night, you should try out the How to Host a Murder games. They are way fun! Assign everyone a role before the party and tell them to come dressed like their character.

  7. I think the story would have been better if Robyn woke me up and asked who I was.

    Thanks for the fun adventures this month.

  8. I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

    What a fun month! The community ballet with popcorn does sound a lot more fun than professional ballet. I've never been to one either.

    The game night is a great idea! I've been wanting to throw a party like that. I think you've inspired me to really do it sometime. Robyn is a genius.

    I have to say I would like to know what would have happened if Robyn had just jumped into that downstairs bed...what a story!

    You're a great storyteller. Keep 'em coming!


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