Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fifth Moniversary

Tomorrow is our fifth Moniversary. (Yes, I'm writing a day early. It's my blog, I can do what I want.) As I was pondering what to write I realized that there haven't been as many humorous things that happened this month. So, I apologize beforehand for those who came looking for tons of humor. We did have some fun events this month, though, so don't be too greatly disheartened. The biggest event this month was Valentine's Day. Also, I can give an update on the toothbrush fears. I am now used to it and no longer fearing brain damage. A few of the other events were:

Repairing the Holes in My Life
Remember the Jeff sized hole in my basement? Well, Robyn's parents came in to town. While they were here, my father-in-law helped us out with all sorts of things in the house. It was quite a blessing. But one of the things he did was to vanquish the hole! He first had to cut it to a uniform shape, and then put in the sheetrock. We still need to put some texture on it to make it look like the rest of the wall, but it looks way better already.

Getting to Show Off My Gadgets
Another fun thing while the in-laws were in town was that we did a movie night with all of Robyn's family that lives in Utah, as well as her parents, who we imported from California. We did it at my brother-in-law's house; Robyn and I brought over our projector and speakers and a screen to project onto. The projected image was the equivalent of about a 110" screen. I was very excited and it was alot of fun.

Draper LDS Temple Open House
It is a beautiful temple. It has the largest sealing room of any temple in the world. The celestial room was surprisingly small though. Megan and Kayli both wrote some of their thoughts about it on their blogs.

Percieved Fat Day
Occasionally Robyn claims she has a "fat day". These are the days that in her mind she is suddenly fatter than the previous day. Most of the time I tell her she's not allowed to say that, for 2 reasons. 1. People's weight fluctuates every day but I refuse to believe that she can actually tell if she's slightly higher than the day before. 2. I think she's beautiful and I don't like anyone putting her down, even if it is herself. Well, on this particular day, she was having one of her days and she actually ripped her pants. She claimed it was because she was so instantly fat. I explained that she wears those pants alot, therefore washes them alot, therefore they are just worn out. She would hear none of it. She proclaimed with a voice of thunder: "Today I am fat! You cannot take that from me! I get to say that I am fat today!!" I still disagreed with her, but I have to admit she dominated me. I figured I would just have to live to fight another day.


  1. I am feeling much better now that I bought new pants. I know that I am not fat, but it just "feels" like I am fat sometimes. There is a little bit of a difference. Thanks for loving me through it ALL!

  2. She's not fat...I AM. ha ha. Girls are funny!

  3. If you need to find out who is fat just look at the Jeff sized hole. That will show you who is the fat one of the couple. PS I love you both, even if one of you is fat.

  4. Jeff, I live for the 11th of every month. I love to know all the ordinary and extraordinary that is going on in my two favorite newlywed's life!

  5. I loved picturing Robyn "proclaim with a voice of thunder" that she had the right to be fat. I can see/hear it so clearly! You guys crack me up. Keep the good times rollin'. You're the best!

  6. Five months...hard to believe it has gone by so fast. Aren't good in-laws nice to have? Glad your hole is patched and that Robyn got new jeans. All is right with the world!!

  7. Thanks for linking to my blog, haha. I wish I would've written more on that post though!

    Glad to hear your fear of brain damage has gone away! ...But that means you probably won't get millions from the toothbrush company. That's just too bad.

    Keep up the moniversary posts!

  8. In my experience, there is absolutely no way to prevent the occurance of a PFD, and rarely can you successfully talk her down from currently having one.

    After a while of combating PFDs (and you acquire other marriage experience), you may feel inclined to try and do the "validate her feelings" tactic, but you must be careful. It does not mean saying anything that even hints at agreement with her!

    The best you can ever do is to let her know you heard her complaint and express how sorry you feel for her feelings being this way. Always end by reminding her how you really feel about her beauty.

    Sorry buddy, but there is no uber-cool Super Monkey solution for this one. Phew, had to throw something funny in there! I was starting to get very sappy.


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