Monday, June 23, 2014

The Crazy Honduran Lady

I just got back from a cruise in the Western Caribbean.  I had so many fantastic experiences.  I haven't yet organized my thoughts on the whole thing, but I wanted to start writing.

Most people would find some cohesive, organized way to write, but do I look like most people to you?  I don't know how many posts there will be about the cruise, or if there will be any sort of organization to the subject matter of each post.  All I know is that the first one will be about the lady that creeped me out in Honduras, because I think it's a funny story.

Our cruise ship was docked in Roatan, Honduras.  When we came ashore, there was a group of Hondurans playing drums and dancing.  We spent the day Scuba diving.  (I'm sure I'll write about that later.) and on the way back to the ship, I thought it would be fun to get a picture with them.  There was a bucket that said, "donations" on it.  I knew the drill.  I put a few dollars in the bucket, making sure that at least a few of them saw me do so.  After putting in the money, I asked if I could get a picture with them.

I first got a picture of them drumming and dancing.

Then I got a picture with a few of them.
Aren't we so precious with the the drummers and the cruise ship behind us?   Pay special attention to the lady in the blue dress.  She seems like a nice lady, doesn't she?  We totally look like we're friends.  That's all about to change.

After taking the picture, I said, "thanks" and began to walk away.  Blue Dress Lady grabbed my arm and started yelling in Spanish.   My eyes got big and full of fright.  The other two individuals with the cool masks quickly came to my rescue.  They started saying, "no" and trying to pull her back, but she held on tight and would not let go of me.

She began gesticulating toward the donation bucket.  I said, "I already did."  But she hadn't seen me, and was very determined to detain me.  I was pretty sure I could force this lady to let go of me, but I didn't think that would turn out well.

My two masked friends began saying what I believe to be the Spanish version of "He already paid." but she would not be deterred.  They had a bit of a Spanish argument while she stayed firmly latched onto my arm.

Eventually they convinced her that I should be permitted to live, and to depart in peace.  She released me and I quickly fled back to the ship where I had a history of not being accosted.

Now I will always have the memory of the lady that creeped me out by screaming at me in Spanish and holding me with her iron grip.  At least she let me get a picture of her first.  I feel that everyone that does something creepy should let you take their picture first.  That would make the world a better place.


  1. I'm glad she finally let you go so you could come home!

  2. HA! So what your saying is that I should get people to take my picture before I do creepy things? or that I have permission to do creepy things once I've had my picture taken?

  3. That's pretty stinkin' funny. And creepy. :)


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