Monday, April 14, 2014

Grounds For Sculpture

As I've mentioned earlier, I was on a business trip in New Jersey this past week.  I had to work all day, but I had some free time in the evenings to go see some local sites.  I didn't know what their was to see, so I relied heavily on Google.

The first thing I had a chance to see was a little place called Grounds For Sculpture.  It's sort of an outdoor art museum.  There are several acres of green space littered with various kinds of sculptures.   I really enjoyed it.  It's like I'm cultured or something.  Here are a few highlights.
A few of the pieces were 3D realizations of famous paintings.  Here we have The Scream.  Naturally, we screamed together in a selfie.

Lots of the sculptures were just people going about their business.  The main difference between sculpture people and regular people is that sculpture people let me take selfies with them.  (If regular people would let me take selfies with them all the time, you'd better believe I would do it.)
Selfie with the mailman

Selfie with a violinist.
 I should have taken a picture of the violin case full of money.  It totally looked real.  I had to feel the money to make sure it felt like metal.

Another thing that was really strange was that the sculptures looked real from far away.  This close up of this girl drawing is clearly a sculpture.  But from a few hundred feet away, it totally looked like a girl just sitting in the park working on her art.  (Don't worry.  I felt her paper, just like I felt everything else.  It didn't feel like paper.)

It was kind of like a treasure hunt.  There were sculptures that were hidden away behind trees and bushes.  This couple having a picnic were completely hidden behind thick schrubbery.  Naturally, I found them, photographed them, and touched all their food.  Normal people don't let me do that.

I came upon these nice men in the middle of a poker game.

This guy probably thinks his 3 kings is a good hand.  But he should fold.

Nines full of aces is even better.

Remember I mentioned that some of the sculptures were depictions of famous paintings?  Here we have American Gothic.

You'd never guess it from the painting, but they're about 20 feet tall.  That made the selfie more complicated, but I still pulled it off.

Several times I saw a sculpture from far away and wasn't sure if it was real or not.  This little kid was an example.

The strangest thing about the Grounds for Sculpture was that there were tons of sculptures randomly on the street in the surrounding area.  There were sculpture people standing on the sidewalk.  There were sculpture people admiring larger sculptures.  (Totally meta.)  And, naturally, there was a giant tooth.
The random sculptures on the street had me really confused.  I stopped at a stop sign and waited for someone to cross in front of me, only to realize that they were a sculpture.

So I'm like totally cultured, right?

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