Monday, February 10, 2014

Robyn's Sweet New Ride

This past weekend we said goodbye to an old friend.  Robyn's been driving Malora (That's the name she gave her Toyota Corolla) for approximately one million years.  (I may not be the best at estimating time.)

Malora has been burning oil for 6 or 7 months.  A few weeks ago, our mechanic had a heart to heart with us.  He said that the oil burning problem is getting worse and the worse it gets, the more risk there is of destroying the engine.  He said that to fix it would be a couple thousand dollars, and we decided that just wasn't worth it.

So we began shopping.  Robyn really wanted all wheel drive so she can stop being so afraid of snow.  We decided that a Subaru would be the way to go.  Robyn really liked the SUVish look of the Forester, so that was the model we had been looking at the most.

On Saturday we test drove a 2011 Forester with 76,000 miles.  The miles were a little high for its young age but it meant that we got a pretty sweet deal on the car.  So we decided to make it happen.

Saying goodbye to Malora

Hello to the sweet new ride
I was in charge of approving the finances.  I thought it was a great deal.   I was also very pleased with all of the safety features.  That left Robyn the ability to make the emotional decision.  I really wanted her to get something she would be excited to drive.

An added bonus is that it has an after market media system with DVD player, navigation, and bluetooth.  Robyn called me today on her way home from work, and she spoke through the car!  She was very excited.   I told her we need to drive into the mountains and watch a movie, because we can.

Robyn pulling into the garage for the first time.

Now we're totally gonna be outdoorsy.  Next step is to buy some sweet bikes and a bike rack.

Isn't she so cute in her sweet new ride?

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