Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scuba in the Classroom

Remember a while back when Robyn and I took that Discover Scuba class?  Remember how, at the end of that post, I said that Robyn has agreed to get Scuba certified with me?  Well, we finally signed up for our certification class.  This week we did all of the classroom work, and on Saturday we're gonna be in a swimming pool learning super sweet skills.

We booked the class about a month ago.  The instructor gave us a book to read before the class began.  Naturally, the night before our class we realized we hadn't read any of it.  It was just like high school all over again.  And, just like high school, I skimmed the book the night before.

We took the class with some friends.  Dave and Jen made sure to read every word of the book.  They are good studious students.  If you're looking for dive buddies, they are probably better options then us.

Our first day in class we went over the first 3 chapters in the book and took a quiz on each chapter.  After that we got to learn how to hook up the air tank, and the BCD (Buoyancy Control Device).  We tried on our BCDs as well.  Robyn looked especially snazzy in hers.

The second day of class we went over the last two chapters and we took the final exam.  All through high school, I was the guy who barely skimmed the book and aced all the tests.  I don't think I was ever nervous about a test in my life.

I was nervous about this test.

I realized as I was about to take it that this knowledge was actually important for things like staying alive under water.  As our instructor passed out the test I quietly wished that I had actually read the book instead of skimming it.

I took the test.  I got 92%.  That means I get to go on to the cool parts where we actually do stuff in water.

After I was done with my test, it was important to document what was happening around me.  Robyn had different strategies to deal with me documenting.

Her first strategy was crankiness.

Her next strategy was to ignore me.  But look how happy Jen is to be taking a test.

I told my Dad that I got 92%, he asked if that meant that 8% of the time I don't survive the dive.  Blast!  I really need to go back and read the book in its entirety.

I'm hoping I won't die 8% of the time, but I do have to warn you about one of the questions I got wrong.

One of the things we are required to learn is a form of sign language specific to Scuba Diving.  One of the signs looks exactly like, "Thank you" in ASL.  But, it doesn't mean "Thank you" it is a request to use your air.  It's probably an important sign to know.  Here is a scenario that I picture happening if you Scuba Dive with me.

We are diving along and you realize you have run out of air.  (You should have paid better attention to your SPG, but whatevs)  You approach me and ask to use my air.  I sign back, "You're Welcome."  You repeat the first sign.  I repeat, "You're welcome."  After a few minutes of this you drown.

So, if you ever go diving with me, just know that I missed that question on the quiz.  Also, know that all Scuba divers are required to have a secondary source of air.  Don't ask me for mine.  Just grab it.  Then I'll say, "You're welcome."

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