Friday, October 18, 2013

Anniversary Surprises

Friday was my Anniversary. (As I mentioned here)  It was a fabulous day.  I mentioned then that Robyn had some surprises in store for me.  You're about to find out what those surprises were, but I'll warn you now, there's lots of preciousness ahead.  Some may see the preciousness as "mushiness".  Whatever terminology you choose to use, there's plenty of it about to enter your life.

When I got home from work, I pulled my car into the garage and she was there ready to greet me before I came into the house.  She must have been diligently watching for me because there was something important she needed to tell me.

"You're not allowed to go into the bedroom."

She had blocked off one room of the house, where she had been working on a secret project.  What was that project?  Well, that was to remain a mystery at least for the time being, because it was time to go out for dinner.  She had planned a special dinner and I wasn't allowed to know where we were going.

Normally, I drive whenever we go anywhere, but I was in the passenger seat as we drove to our destination.  This was to avoid the awkwardness of the fact that I had no idea where dinner was going to occur.  I knew we had reservations at 7:00, so as we drove I was speculating where we might be going based on how much longer we had to drive.  When we started going south on I-15 I figured we were going to downtown Provo.  But we got off at Center Street in Orem.  I instantly said, "We're going somewhere in the Riverwoods, but I have no idea where!"

I was right.  We went to La Jolla Grove in the Riverwoods area.

The restaurant looks like you're in a lemon grove.  They also seated me across from a really cute girl.

We decided that there was no dieting for this meal.  So we each got an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.  But, I'm definitely a different person than I used to be.  After  I finished the appetizer, I was already starting to feel full.  What is that all about?

The good news is that fancy places don't give ginormous portions.  So I still enjoyed my whole meal.

I think the best part was this chocolate mousse cake which is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

After dinner it was time to drive back home.  I was returned to the driver's seat since I was allowed to know that we were going home now.

When we got home, I was allowed to enter the bedroom.  This is what greeted me.
She had spent time going through all of our pictures and selecting specific ones that represented specific memories.  She had them printed and lined them around our bed with loads of cuteness.

Even more precious, she had written something she loved about me on the back of every picture.  There were such things as "I love how smart you are."  on the back of a pic us thinking with the thinker, or "I love how healthy you are getting." on the back of a pic of us on a big hiking trip.  There were even such awesome captions as "selfie" on the back of a selfie.  Is that not the most precious thing ever?

The answer is yes, it is the most precious thing ever.

Maybe next week you'll get to find out about how I surprised her.

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