Thursday, June 6, 2013

Funny Emails: Work From Home

We all get all sorts of junk emails, right?  I don't even open most of them.  Every once in a while, I check them out just to see what they are trying to sell me.  Most of them are Nigerian princes.  It turns out they need to get a lot of money into the United States, and I'm the only one they trust to help.  However, today I got an email that was more unique.  I felt it was too good not to share:

Could you get it if people told you that you are able to make 8-10 thousands US Dollars just by operating from home and just some hours per week? The good news is that this is all true and so happened to Kim Swartz, the mother who worked from home and has good pay doing very small job online! This is your best chance to earn more money than your daily job just by staying home during your spare time. Read more of the article on her blog : *********
How great is that?  I could make 8-10 thousands US Dollars.  All I would have to do is work some hours per week.  (How many is some?  I currently work 40.  Is that more than some?)  When you put it that way, I could really get it.

I think I have realized my problem.  I've been leaving my house in my spare time.  If I start staying home during my spare time, I could be like Kim Swartz, and it could so, like totally, happen to me.

I am curious, what company will pay 8-10 thousands US Dollars for me to do a very small job.  If it's a very small job, couldn't they hire a high school kid to do it for pennies?  Also, maybe they should invest some of that in a recruiter who speaks English.

I guess I'll never know how I could have been rolling in the money.  Because I'm definitely not visiting their site.  I suppose I'm just prejudiced against spam emails written by people who don't speak English.  It's just the way I am.


  1. Maybe they pay you to try to speak English. Just a thought.

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