Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Have Said to Sunbeams

Have you ever noticed that you find yourself saying the strangest things when talking to children?  About a year ago, I realized I had said some really abnormal things to our primary children.

I wish I had started sooner, because this list didn't get very long.  But I just noticed that it was sitting as a draft and since we teach 12 year olds now, instead of 3 year olds, I don't plan to add as many strange things to this list.  (Although, sometimes with 12 year olds, it can get even more strange.)

So here are some of the strange things I said to our 3 year old primary children in our last year of teaching them:

  • "Don't suck on your knees"
  • "You need to walk with your eyes open"
  • "Don't sit on your play doh"
  • "Watch out for the walls" - This one was a warning that they often repeated to each other.
  • "You need to walk forward"
  • "You are not a tiger"
  • "You need to keep your clothes on"
Now that we teach the 12 year olds, the most interesting thing we say is "put away your electronics during the prayer."  They are very similar to the 3 year olds in many ways.  Both classes are like herding cats.  But at least the 12 year olds don't suck on their knees, they keep their clothes on and they are fully aware they are not wild animals.


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