Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Spot

My wife thinks I'm autistic.  She had me take a test online.  The test totally said I'm not autistic, I just have a few autistic tendencies.

One of those tendencies is that I like some things a certain way.  I get used to a certain uniformity in my life.  I  can handle a lot of chaos as long as my constants remain constant.

Here is one of the constants that really should remain constant.

My Spot
This can really be divided into sub categories.

First and foremost is my spot in front of my computer at our house.  This is where I sit.  I can see the TV from there, I can play on my computer.  All is well in my spot.  Every once in a while, Robyn feels the need to use my computer.  I usually stand next to the chair and whimper until she moves.  If she doesn't move, I resort to twitter.  Like this tweet:  "I bought my wife 2 computers and she is still using mine."  Not that anyone on social media can make her move, but at least I feel better when I'm sharing my pain.

The second spot is my spot on the couch.  I only need my spot when we're watching movies.  So Robyn should appreciate that I'm not as bad as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.  In fact, I appreciate that Robyn watching Sheldon has made her more tolerant of some of my OCD tendencies.

The last spot is my spot at the dinner table.  My spot at our own dinner table is undisputed.  However, we often go to Sunday dinner at my Mom's house.  I have a spot there as well.  Recently,  we were spending Sunday night with Robyn's family and a family member sent me this amusing picture:
Aside from the fact that Mellen is smoking, my Dad is so hungry and Delta is growling, in the corner you can see that Zack is in my spot.  Naturally, I sent him a text.

Aren't you so proud of me?  I didn't even ask him to move.  That is love.


  1. Sorry I take your spot and I had you take a test (even though it was Delta's idea). I'm glad you still love me.

  2. How can we help taking our husband's spot when it's so inviting and comfortable? I never put enough thought into my own spot so I have to borrow my husband's once in a while. Besides, my computer is too wimpy to play Starcraft II.

  3. I never knew you were so attached to your spot. Is someone else sitting there when you are gone kind of like using your bedroom for something else after you have moved out? It seems it should always be kept the same.

    1. I concur. My spot is sacred. You can't give it away.


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