Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Need to Be Loud

"Mom, sometimes I need to be loud."

Words of wisdom spoken by a little child.  Don't you ever feel like you just can't be quiet?  Sometimes there's just so much pent up energy, that it comes out of you in a loud way.

I was home teaching a family. (In my faith, we are asked to visit members of our congregation in their homes.  We make sure their needs are taken care of and share a gospel message on a monthly basis.)  We visited for a while and got to know each other while their little boy played with his toys.  When it came time to share the message they told their little boy that he could continue to play but he needed to be quiet.  That's when he said with dismay, "But mom, sometimes I need to be loud."

I told him that I felt the same way all the time.  I am not a particularly quiet person.  Sometimes I just need to be loud.  He played quietly, but I did my best to keep it short so that he wouldn't have to be quiet for too long.  I know all too well how difficult that can be.

That night, Robyn and I were laying in bed.  We were discussing our day, and Robyn said something that didn't make very much sense to me.  I pointed out that it didn't make sense.  That's when Robyn (loudly) shared this pearl of wisdom:  "It's too sleepy to make sense.  That's why I'm yelling."  (She says awesome stuff when she's tired.)

You see, ever since the two of us turned 30, our house has become a very sleepy place.  That's what happens when you're old.  Also, apparently, the volume control no longer works on our voices.  So, whether your in your old age (thirties) or you are very young, sometimes you just need to be loud.


  1. I think my family would tell you that I have always been loud. Oh and I am very glad that you shared with the world about my lack of ability to make sense late at night

  2. I need to be loud sometimes too. I'm glad you recognize that. I also need to sleep sometimes, though I'm not 30 and old yet.

  3. It's not very often that I need to be loud, but every now and then I like to be. In high school, I really wanted to scream as loud as I could for some reason. Not because I was upset or sad, but just because I'd never really done it before, haha. Then one day I went in my car and I screamed as loud as I could. It was awesome. That's the loudest I've ever been.

  4. I'm loud a lot, so much so that I no longer feel such random impulses. I still do, and I often do everything I can to fulfill these desires and urges. Most of my needs are to move, I just do not actually possess the ability to sit still. It's scientifically true. Because I said so.


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