Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stewart is Falling

This weekend Robyn and I decided to hike up to Stewart Falls with my BFF Jared W.  I've been to Stewart Falls before but this was the first time I've hiked it during the day.  (It's much hotter during the day, the heat makes me sad.)

On the way there we felt it was important to stop and pose with Stewie. (That's the nickname that I gave the falls.  This shows that I have a close relationship with him.)
Robyn is more precious than Stewie
We also felt it was important to catch Jared and Katherine in their moments of preciousness.
They're even more precious than normal in the wilderness.
As we ascended towards Stewie the heat of the afternoon was slowly sapping the energy out of me.  Luckily, when we got to our destination, the mist filled the air and cooled everything down.  Even in the heat of the summer there were still several feet of snow pack surrounding the base of the waterfall.
The mist was a relief after the hot sun
We ventured into the mist to get close to the base of the waterfall.  The flow was so high due to the large amounts of snow this winter as well as the rain this summer.  The water was falling so fast that it shot five or six feet out from the ledge it was flowing over.
This was the closest I was willing to bring my phone for a picture
Standing in the mist, I took a picture of the waterfall but pulling my phone out even for a couple seconds caused it to get drenched.  But that didn't stop me from getting a kissing picture near the waterfall anyway.
It's all about the iphone self portrait.
After that Robyn ventured back out into the sunlight.  I felt the need to stand under the waterfall.  I walked through the curtain of water crashing down and ventured into the secret hideout behind the flowing water.  I stood there for only a few seconds before the water dripping on me caused my brain to freeze.  I started hyperventilating, I think it was because of the extreme cold.  I decided that my frozen brain and whacked out lungs were not a good thing.  I fled my little hideout as quickly as possible.  I took my frozen brain back out into the sunlight and for the first time in many moons I was appreciative of the summer heat.

We began our hike down and by the time we got back to the car I had not only thawed out but had resumed disliking the heat.  All was back to normal.


  1. You failed to mention that the rest of us were freezing the rest of the trip. It was so cold. I could have died. I still might die from the effects of that hike. But it did feel so good when we first got there. Great trip, I'm glad that you came.

  2. It was an amazing sight. I am so glad we decided to go to the waterfall. Next time we need to bring a waterproof camera.

  3. So did you not get to kiss behind the waterfall and complete the item on your bucket list?! :(

  4. Kayli, I wasn't able to complete that item on my bucketlist but I was able to complete the item that says "stand under a waterfall." So it was still a success. Robyn says that if I want her to go behind the waterfall it needs to be much warmer. I figure we'll find one in Hawaii where we can kiss behind it.

  5. Sounds like a fun hike! The amount of water coming off of the falls is crazy!

  6. That last photo is a bit graphic...

  7. Graham, I think what you meant to say is, "That last photo is a bit precious..."

  8. I know a perfect waterfall (several actually) in Hawaii that you can kiss behind. I'm sure I could even help you find some on a couple of the islands. Robyn would approve of them! They are less scary and less cold.

    My bro and I were going to hike Stewart Falls that day too! But then we decided we'd rather go to In-N-Out and avoid the heat. :) I'm glad you guys had fun though!


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