Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Geeks, Lizards and Zombies

If you know me at all, you're very aware of the fact that I'm a bit of a geek.  I openly embrace it.  I am not ashamed of my geekish tendencies.  However, you may not be aware of a certain aspect of my geekiness.  It turns out I'm a bit of a dinosaur geek.  I've always had something for dinosaurs.  I mean, they're great big lizards.  How could you not think that is awesome?

It should be noted that a big part of the reason I'm able to read is because of dinosaurs.  When I was a small child, I loved to be read to about dinosaurs.  I would pretend to be every dinosaur in the book.  I'm sure my mom tired of reading me my dinosaur book over and over.

When it came time to go to Kindergarten, I was afraid to go.  My mom promised me that if I went to Kindergarten, I would be able to read.  I eagerly went to school, with a laser like focus.  Every moment had specific intent to give me the ability to read about dinosaurs.  I was really cranky when I came home the first day and still couldn't read the dinosaur book. (They didn't even try to teach me).  The good news is that I eventually learned and have spent plenty of time reading about dinosaurs since.

This past weekend Robyn let me indulge some of my dinosaur obsession.  We went to Vernal where there is a famous dinosaur museum.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm still geeking out about it.
One is an Allosaurus, the other is me.  Can you tell the difference?
I'm so good at blending in.
It's a dinosaur.  It's also a zombie.  Does it get any cooler?
You would be scared too.  Don't judge.


  1. It's always a little more scary when the zombie dinosaurs attack because you have to hit him in the brain. I'm glad that you survived to relate the story to us.

  2. I had fun too. I always love watching you geek out about stuff. You are just too cute!

  3. Which one are you in the pictures?

    Dinosaurs : Jeff :: Bieber : Kayli. ;)

  4. Kayli, that is so true. I should start a twitter account called "quotesfromdinosaurs".

  5. If you like lizards, how about snakes? I just bought myself one.

  6. glarcy, Snakes are not as cool as lizards but they're still pretty cool. I totally want to come see your snake.

  7. I'm so glad you could combine dinosaurs and zombies on the same trip. I am also glad you learned to read so that you could read your dinosaur books all by yourself. I think you about had them memorized before you read them.


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