Sunday, May 31, 2009

Older Than I've Ever Been

Well, it officially happened. I turned old. I don't think old happens at the same age for everyone, but I'd like to cite the following examples to prove my oldness:
1. I go to bed way early. I used to stay up all hours of the night, but now I'm usually in bed by 11. That is definitely an old person attribute.
2. I grunt and make noises when I stand up or move around. Old people totally do that.

I think this old thing has been creeping up on me for a while, but since I just had a birthday I thought I'd bring it up. One thing I should point out is that old birthdays are much better than young birthdays.(or at least married birthdays are better, but I think I got old when I got married, it's possible that married and old are synonyms.)

Robyn has been so great this week, she has been celebrating my birthday all week long. First, her whole family sent me presents and cards and then she took me out to eat at Los Hermanos. While we were there, her name was Maria and mine was Eduardo and I got to order all sorts of delicious food.

Then, later on Friday she took me up to the meadow where we got engaged. It was the first time we had been there since our engagement (almost a year ago) and it was so much fun to roast hot dogs and make eclairs over the fire. (If you have never done that you need to experience it.)

But the very best happened on Saturday. Every year Robyn takes her school kids on a field trip to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point. I had been bugging her for a while that she should take me there because I love dinosaurs. (Way back in kindergarten my mom convinced me to go by saying that I would learn how to read and be able to read about dinosaurs on my own. I was a very cranky boy after they didn't even begin to teach me on the first day.) So Robyn surprised me with a "field trip" and we went to the dinosaur museum.

Robyn was almost eaten by a giant prehistoric shark but I saved her.

Robyn didn't even know she was about to be eaten by a raptor
Not Pictured: me saving her again.

This is me posing in front of a gentle herbivore.

This is me preparing for the 3D movie on the Xango mammoth screen.
Also Pictured: knee of a stranger.

So, as you can see, my birthday week has been amazing. And the best part is it's not over. My family always celebrates birthdays on Sunday because that's when we get together. In a few hours I will get a fancy dinner made by my mom and lots of presents from the fam. Then tomorrow begins a new month and the end of the purchase freeze. (Don't worry, I'm still accepting non-birthday presents.)


  1. Thanks for saving me. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I'm also glad you liked the "surprise" trip up in the mountains. I loved the fresh air and good food. Happy birthday my old one!

  2. So glad you had a happy birthday!

  3. Your birthday week sounds like it was great, Eduardo! Maria is such a good wife.

    Eclairs over the fire?! Sounds incredible!!

  4. Happy Birthday! May is my birthday month as well. This year it was amazing because all these people were flying flags all over the city the day after my birthday all in my honor. I have a question. How do you make eclairs over the fire?

  5. I have such an old son! It's hard to believe!! I'm glad you had a great birthday week and I hope you have a great "old" year. Love ya tons!

  6. I think that's my knee....Happy Birthday!

  7. Several people have asked about eclairs over the fire, so here's how it's done. You take a pole about 1 inch in diameter and you put foil over the end and butter the foil. Then you take croissant roll dough and you wrap it around the foil and bake it over the fire like you would roast a hot dog. When it is golden brown you pull it off the end and it now is shaped like a hollow cylinder. You fill the hollow part with vanilla pudding and frost the outside with chocolate frosting. It's amazing and delicious.

  8. Oh you are soooooo OLD. I will from now on call you Old One. I remember when you were little and I used to put my doll dresses on you and bows in your hair and take your picture with Grandma & Grandpa's Polaroid...I so need to find those pictures.
    Also, my kids want me to tell you that we love that TMBG song.

  9. You are way old. Good thing you aren't too old to save Robyn from all the scary monsters. That will be a sad day when you get that old.

  10. I'm excited for better old person birthdays. Glad you had a good one!


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