Friday, May 22, 2009

The Little People

Yesterday I had quite an adventure. I took half the day off of work so that I could go to Robyn's school to meet her students. They have been asking forever when they get to meet Mr. Stockett, and Robyn has been promising them that I would come before the end of the school year. Well, since A)The school year is almost ever and B)They were putting on their school program yesterday, we decided that it would be a good idea to make yesterday the day. I arrived right after lunchtime and Robyn had me sit in a chair and all the kids sat on the floor around me. She gave them about 20 minutes to ask me whatever questions they desired. I have always been fascinated by discovering what is in other people's minds and the questions they asked really showed what they think about. I'll just share a few of my favorites:

What is your favorite commercial?
What game systems do you own?
Do you always wear flip-flops?
What is your shoe size?
Do you laugh a lot at home?
If you had a pet dragon what would its name be? (The girl that asked this snuck up to me after Robyn had sent them to their seats and asked what color my dragon would be.)

It was a lot of fun answering their questions and getting to find out what they were thinking about. Then we all went to the gym and I got to see their performance of The Ugly Duckling.

It was super cute. All the kids wore little hats to show what animal they were and they put together quite a production. I was really impressed, when I was in second grade all we did is have everyone sing together, but they had a whole play complete with soloists, props and special effects. It was definitely the most amazing second grade production in the history of the history. I suspect that Robyn's background in theater may have contributed to how amazing the show was.

Then to top it all off, Robyn's school had reserved tables at the Desert Star Theater to see a comedy show called American Fork Idol. It was a fantastic day and I didn't have to plan any of it. Don't I have an amazing wife?


  1. She does what she can. Thanks for coming. The kids really did love having you there yesterday. I did too! And thanks for supporting me through all the crazy days and tired nights.

  2. I wrote my own list of questions I'd ask you before I read yours and, to my surprise, some of them were the same.

  3. So fun!!! You are so good with kids and I bet it was so fun to have you there with them!!!

  4. That's awesome! I love their creative questions. Aren't you dying for kids of your own now?? ;)

  5. i'm sure the play was amazing knowing robyn was behind it!

  6. You gotta answer the questions for us! Especially the ones about your pet dragon...I'm dying here!

  7. I love seeing how kids minds work. They are so fascinating when you get a glimpse of their workings. I bet it was so fun for them to see their teachers husband and have full access to him. Fun idea!

  8. When I get a job I am going to bring you to meet everyone and have them ask you questions. It will be so cool. (and what color would your dragon be?)

  9. It's funny to think you're a teacher's husband. By that I mean, when I was in elementary school I always wondered about my teachers' husbands and what their family was like. For whatever reason it was always so fun if we got to meet them.

    I love the "Do you laugh a lot at home?" question. :)


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