Monday, January 9, 2017

California Adventure!

After our day in Disneyland, the next day was spent primarily in California Adventure.  (Although, we did spend some time in the main park, as you'll see below.)

Much like the previous day, we got there about 15 minutes before the park opened so that we could be part of the initial rush to our favorite rides.  We marched right behind the Disney employees and went straight for Tower of Terror.  (Tower of Terror was a huge reason for taking this trip, so it was very important.)  Everyone was rushing to get in line for the ride, but no one was getting fast passes.  So we grabbed a fast pass and then went straight to Soarin' Over the world.

Just look at that cutie ready to soar over the world.

That was the right way to do it.  The line for Soarin' was only 15 or 20 minutes, which made it perfect for us to come back to Tower of Terror to use our fast pass.
This is me about to enter another dimension.

It's important to take a picture of the picture.

Robyn was wearing her Captain America shirt, so obviously she needed to pose in front of a sign welcoming her.

 At lunch time we headed back into the Disneyland park for our lunch at Blue Bayou.  It was really neat.  I had order envy though, because my chicken was nowhere near as good as Robyn's Monte Cristo sandwich.

The LED lights in the lemonade were really cool.

The famous Monte Criso
Despite my order envy, the food was really good.  And the atmosphere was really fun.  It was just like being in the bayou at night.  (At least, I imagine it's what it's like.  I should say, it was just like being outside next to a river at night.  I've never actually been in the bayou.)

After lunch we went back to California Adventure.  Our longest line of the day was for the Toy Story ride.  The important thing is that I won.
Robyn made sure to tell me that she's still a better person than me, even though I won the Toy Story ride.  Also, she was quick to point out that she dominated me in Buzz Lightyear the day before.

 We had to buy Robyn a tiara, so she went from Captain America to Princess America.

By 4:00, we had ridden everything we wanted to ride except for the Cars ride.  The line for that ride was 4 hours long.  Fast passes had long run out.  (The line for fast passes was at least an hour until they ran out.)  Since we're old and tired, we briefly pondered, should we stay another 4 hours for 90 seconds of entertainment?  The answer was no.  I was really excited to get off my feet, so we went back to the hotel and relaxed.

Some may say that we didn't get our money's worth because we could have stayed in the parks for another 8 hours.  But I had a great time in the park, and I had a great time relaxing afterward, so I'm happy with it.

The next day we were off to Hollywood, so stay tuned.

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  1. I'm still working up the courage to take five kids to Disneyland. We've only been once--on our honeymoon. My sister has been numerous times and always books reservations at BB and always gets that monte Christo sandwich ❤️


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