Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cheese, Drones and more

After our adventures in Lincoln City, it was time to move on to the rest of our trip.  We had enjoyed the relaxing beach condo so much that we were a little bit sad to move on.  But we were also excited about the other things that we had planned.

We got up in the morning, packed our things and got back into road trip mode.  We drove north toward Tillamook, but we had to stop off along the way in Neskowin.  Neskowin beach has a fun little landmark called Proposal Rock.  I don't actually know why it's called that.  There were zero people making any kind of proposal when I was there.

However, if you've seen Neverending story, you'll note that it does look like the giant turtle Morla.  If you prefer to call it Morla Rock, or just Morla, I could support that.  However, it never rose out of the water or sneezed on us, so that was disappointing.
Robyn did make this cuteness in the sand.  It was the closes thing to a proposal that happened.
After Proposal Rock, we continued our northern journey.  We went to the town of Tillamook so we could visit the cheese factory.  I just have to take a moment to talk about the fact that we drove by the high school, and their mascot is the cheese makers.

Can you imagine when they play other schools?  They'll go up against eagles with giant talons who can spot their prey from a mile away, or lions that weigh over 400 pounds, have giant claws and can run 50 mph.  They stand there holding blocks of cheese menacingly while these great predators eat them alive.

I'm just saying.  It's not a very intimidating mascot.

Anyway, on to the cheese factory.  It was amazing!

The most important thing you do at the cheese factory is to eat cheese and other dairy products.  If you don't tolerate lactose, the cheese factory doesn't tolerate you.
We had the fried cheese curds and they were epic.  Here I am demonstrating the stretchiness of the cheese.

Showing off my grilled cheese sandwich and my cup, which shows where we are.
There is a short tour where you can look through windows at workers in the factory.  It's kind of like a zoo, if zebras and orangutans made cheese.
The real hero of the factory is the cheese slicer guy.  You'll notice he is not pictured, because he abandoned his post!  He is no longer a hero.  He is a traitor to the cause.

This machine seals the cheese blocks into the plastic.  It also looks like a terror from the deepest depths of the ocean.
After, the tour it was time for dessert.  We clearly couldn't leave the factory without buying Tillamook ice cream.
After Tillamook it was time to head east to the Portland area.  We have some good friends who live just south of Portland, and they were kind enough to let us stay the night with them.  If you're ever in the Portland area, I highly recommend staying with the Glaziers.  They have a comfy bed, they provide breakfast in the morning, and they might even let you play with a drone.

Me with the controls, and a drone floating behind me.
Look what a good photographer I am with the drone.
After playing with the drone, it was clear to me that I need one of my own.  If you've been hankering to buy me a gift, just keep that in mind.

We had tons of fun with the Glaziers.  We spent the evening with them and made sure to take precious pictures.  We also kept Lisa up way too late since she had to work in the morning.  Ooops.
Aren't we so precious?
The next morning we departed from the Glazier bed and breakfast and went backpacking.  So stay tuned for that!

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