Friday, May 2, 2014

I Stood in the Sky

I totally stood in the sky.

More accurately, I totally stood in a cloud.  Either way, it was totally cool.

This story really begins a little less than a year ago.  We were staying in Lake Town near Bear Lake, and I went for a little walk in the morning.  I discovered Laketown Reservoir and also found this cute little mountain.

At the time, I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be fun to climb up there and stand in a cloud?"

I also responded to myself, "Self, yes it would."

I climbed about halfway up the mountain before realizing the following:

I'm fat.

I'm old.

It's time for breakfast.

Those 3 facts prevented me from standing in a cloud last year.

This past weekend we were in Laketown again.  I was a year older, but I was significantly less fat, and I ate breakfast before beginning my journey, so there weren't too many barriers to me standing in a cloud.

This time, I convinced Robyn to go on the hike with me as well.  (Remember when I mentioned she loves me a lot to let me drag her on so many adventures?)

It started off pretty simple.  We had to actually get to the mountain which involved walking along a muddy dirt road.

Cuteness in the foreground, our destination in the background.

Eventually we actually reached the mountain and started climbing.  However, it turns out that mountains are very mean.  They play this mean trick where you luck up to the highest point you can see, you climb to that point only to discover there is way more mountain behind it.  I suppose it's sort of like life.  Just when you think you're done, you realize you've barely begun.  But let's not get too philosophical.

At the bottom of the mountain it was raining.  As we climbed higher into the cloud, it started snowing.  I thought it was really cool.  Robyn's views on this particular adventure were slightly different.  She said such things as, "I hate this mountain."

When we were about 80% of the way to the top, I realized she wasn't having fun anymore.  I told her I would just run to the top super fast.  She sat down and waited for me while I ascended as quickly as I could.

One of the coolest things I saw on the way up was this tree.  It totally had an eerie feel to it, all alone in the cloud.
 I finally made it to the top.  I wish I had a picture of the cool view to show you.  But the complete lack of view was the cool thing that I came there to see.  I really have no way to knowing if I made it to the actual top.  All I know is that it started sloping downward again and I couldn't see anything that was higher.  But visibility was only 20 feet or so, so there could have been another thousand foot climb and I would have never been aware of it.
This is what the top looked like.  It wasn't that glamorous.
I yelled to Robyn that I was standing in the sky.  She wasn't particularly impressed.  Her response was, "Come back. I'm cold."

I came back like a good kid.  But not before reveling in my own awesomeness at standing in a cloud in the sky.


  1. You are now a cloud walker. Since you have leveled up you are now ready to conquer greater quests. Keep preparing because greater quests will be coming you way shortly...

  2. I'm glad you have Jared for greater quests!


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