Sunday, March 9, 2014

Getting Sick is Gross

Have you ever had a cold?  It's kind of like the flu, only you usually just have a stuffy nose and maybe a few sneezes.  Most of the time if you have a cold, you go about your normal business as if nothing is wrong.

But there's something wrong with our society, if we don't think that a cold is a big deal.  Because somehow we've forgotten an eternal truth.  GETTING A COLD IS REALLY GROSS!

I had a cold for a couple days last week.  It was terribly gross.

I want you to imagine if you always had a cold.  Imagine you were in a job interview.

Potential Employer:  I like your resume, and you've answered all my questions like some sort of a guru.  Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

You with a cold:  I have mucus that periodically leaks out of my face.

Potential Employer: That's gross.

You with a cold:  You don't know the half of it.  Periodically, I take a deep breath and then I use all that hair to have an explosion IN MY FACE.  The soul purpose of this explosion is to launch gross stuff in the air.  This gross stuff consists only of face mucus if you're lucky.  If you're unlucky it will contain a contagion that will cause you to leak mucus from your face as well.  Some people call this a sneeze.  I call it the grossest thing you can imagine.

Potential Employer:  Please leave the premises and never return.

As you can see, the potential employer's response is the only logical one.  How are we okay with people around us leaking mucus FROM THEIR FACES?

I don't have any larger point to make.  It just occurred to me that this is really gross, and our society seems way too okay with it.  There's no call to action here.  I just feel better having voiced my concern about how gross we all are when we get colds.

P.S.  I usually like to attach a picture to all my posts.  This post has no picture.  There was no picture  I could possibly imagine that would be both relevant to this post and also would not cause me to vomit.

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