Monday, December 23, 2013

How I became a Paparazzi

"Why would you talk to each other when you could snap chat?"

That is the wisdom of my niece.  She brings up a good point.  Who needs conversation when snap chat exists?  If last night is any indication, the answer is "no one".

If you've never heard of Snap Chat, here's all you need to know:  It's what the kids are doing these days.

Also, you might want to know that I'm young and hip, so I do stuff the kids are doing these days.  Or, if you prefer something more along the lines of the truth, my niece is young and hip and she introduced me to Snap Chat.

I know you're all young and hip, so you don't need this explanation.  But, just in case you don't know what the kids are doing these days, Snap Chat is an application on Andriod and iPhone that allows you to take pictures, add captions and send them to your friends.  Your friends can only see the picture for a specified number of seconds (10 seconds maximum).  But, if the picture is particularly awesome, you can take a screen shot and immortalize the snap.

Last night will forever be known as the great snap fest of 2013.  (It wasn't actually known as that until I gave it that name just now.)  It all started when I snapped my niece a picture of herself.  That began the era of "ninja snapping".  The objective was to take a picture of someone without them knowing, and then snap chat it to them.  This era involved people taking pictures through Christmas trees, or crawling behind couches to discreetly take a shot.

Of course, ninja snapping quickly gave way to the traditional snapping that involves funny captions and drawings.  Here were some of the best of the night.

The best snaps truly are without explanation.
Is he angry because he's writing emails?  Because he's being snapchatted?  Because he hates Christmas?  Who knows!

Robyn didn't even have Snap Chat before last night, but she was welcome the moment she downloaded the app.

Graham was trying out a new religion.

Is she human or is she dancer?

Faces of all kinds.

So you might say I'm a Snap Chat paparazzi.  I follow my family members around and take awkward photos of them that I victoriously send through Snap Chat.  It's how I roll.

But just remember, families that Snap Chat together, stay together.

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  1. It sounds too complicated for my simple brain but someday you will have to show me how.


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