Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Eat a Brownie Without Eating a Brownie

The following is not good advice.  My wife claims that this kind of thinking is how I originally got to be 300 pounds.  I think this kind of thinking leads you down the path that rocks.

Have you ever had that experience where your wife makes a bunch of delicious unhealthy food for a friend or family member?  You know that feeling where you really need to eat some?

I had that feeling.  Robyn had made some brownies.  She put most of them on a plate to be taken and consumed by people that were not me.  Probably these people also hadn't set a goal to lose one third of their body weight.  Ah well, touché.

After she was done plating the brownies, there was a pan that looked like this:

It should be noted, there are 4 brownies in that pan.  

When I was done with it, it looked like this:

As you can see, there are still 4 brownies in the pan.
If there were 4 brownies when I started, and 4 when I was done, that means I ate zero brownies, amIright?

If I ate zero brownies, at approximately 200 calories per brownie, I ate zero calories.

Voila!  That's how you eat a brownie without eating a brownie.  You can thank me later.

When I explained this logic to Robyn, she wasn't impressed.  She told me that's how I got to be 300 pounds.  She was wrong, the old me would have made the pan look like this:

Or, more accurately, the old me would have demanded that she make a second pan just for me.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. Brownies weren't my weak spot... Chips and dip was. So long as the ingredients aren't in the house, I'm good.

    On a side note, I made a humongous pot of potato soup last night. The entire pot which produced eight two cup servings was approximately 2000 calories. That clocks in at 250 calories per serving... Changing what we eat is as important as restricting us from what isn't good for us.

  2. I use that strategy all the time!

  3. Your humor filled truth gets me every time. PS I love the emperor's new groove.

  4. I love brownies. Especially the Guittard mix from costco. It's the only one I make.

  5. Oh boy what am I going to do with you?


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