Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The World Under the Water

Yesterday I made a very important purchase.  This purchase will probably change my life.  It might even change yours.  (But I'm going to assume it will change mine more than yours.)

Before I tell you what I bought, I have to explain why I need it.  You see, Robyn and I went to Hawaii a few years ago.  While there I did such important things as snorkeling.  I saw all sorts of amazing things (fish, turtles, sharks, Robyn) under the water.  I really wanted to share all the neat things I had seen.  Unfortunately, our camera couldn't get wet so we purchased some disposable, waterproof cameras.

Let's just say that when I developed the film in the disposable cameras, I was disappointed that they didn't quite capture what I was seeing.  Ever since that moment I have really wanted a good digital, waterproof camera.  Robyn and I have been putting a few dollars away every month and finally the day came that I was able to purchase my waterproof camera.  (In case you weren't paying attention, that is the important purchase.)

I promised that this purchase would change your life and now I'm going to explain how.  You see, now I'll be able to document so many important things.  For example, have you ever wondered what it would look like if you were a fish swimming in my bath tub and I was looking down at you?  Well, you no longer need to wonder because I have documented that for you.

That is my "hello precious fish" smile
What if you were a fish and  I was trying to say "hello".  What would that be like?  I have documented that as well.

I hope you feel like your life has changed. But if you feel like your life is still the same, fear not, there will be plenty of other underwater items for me to share. Your life could change yet.


  1. I'm exited to use your new camera on our trip. :)

  2. That is awesome! I would also like a camera like that! Our friends had one that sunk to the bottom of Utah Lake, so I hope you bought something to prevent this from happening, like a mini life preserver. I'm sure they sell such things for camera's!

  3. Dad, I'm totally excited to use it on our trip. That was a major reason for buying it.

    Mary Ann, I'm glad it changed your life. I'm trying to change the world one person at a time. Only about 6.8 billion to go.

    Cindy, don't worry I already thought of that. I bought an extra little strap that you put around your wrist so that it is strapped to you in case you let go of it. But more importantly, the strap floats so even if it comes off your wrist it will still float. (Totally like a little life preserver.)

  4. I am so glad that our big bath tub came in handy when you wanted to test the camera out. Though I'm not sure it was a good idea to buy it because I am not sure I will ever get you out of the water in Hawaii.

  5. Awesome--but you don't need to take any pictures of me under water (just saying)

  6. I am so glad I know how it feels to see you from a fish's perspective now--I've been wondering about that. I can't wait to see the fish and sea turtles and other awesomeness that you document on your trip!

  7. THAT VIDEO WAS AMAZING. I want to be a fish.


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