Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Magic of Work Parties

Thursday was a day of love.  It started with me going to the Salt Lake Temple where Robyn's sister Megan was sealed to her new husband Graham.  I've written before about my excitement about their wedding.  It was so fun to see how happy they are together.  It brought back memories of my own wedding and the feelings I felt.  It is possible, however unlikely, that they are actually more precious than Robyn and I.

It would be impossible to convey the full preciousness to anyone who wasn't there.  So to help you understand their preciousness I have included the following picture of Meggy Weggy and Grahamy Wammy in their most precious state.
(Robyn and I were in charge of making their wedding video so I scanned lots of precious pictures.)

But, if you thought that was enough love for the day you would be wrong.  I now must share with you the tale of Chase and Lauren.

You see, while I was celebrating the fact that I had gained a new brother in Graham.  Chase took his girlfriend,  Lauren, on a super sweet date.  On this date, he asked her a very important question.  No, he didn't ask her who her favorite Star Wars character is.  (But that would be an important question as well.)  He asked her to marry him, and she said yes!  This means that not only do I get a new brother-in-law in Graham but I get a new coworker-in-law in Lauren.  That is a lot of love.

(Chase has not put me in charge of scanning pictures of him, so I don't have precious pictures.  I scoured his facebook page to find a pic of him and Lauren, but I couldn't find one.  So here is a pic of him with Boba Fett.)

To fully understand their story, you need to know a bit of my story.  Three years ago, Robyn and I had our first date to a work Christmas party.  The following year I went to the same Christmas party with her as my wife.

Chase and Lauren went on their first date after Chase's mission to a Summer Barbecue hosted by our work.  Now that they are engaged we see the power of work parties.  I don't know if they have magic at every company but they certainly do at the company I work at.

I tried to explain the power of work parties to my other coworker, Ben.  (The one who is mistaken about Frosted Mini Wheats)  He took a girl on a first date to our Christmas party this year.  I hope he is ready to marry her because we know that's what will happen.

That, my friends, will be a lot of love.


  1. That's so much love. And once you find me a Mr. Kayli there will be even more love to blog about.

    P.S. I think I'm going to have my dad take the bat off my car so I don't have to look at it anymore, just fyi. Haha

  2. Kayli, I'm so excited to blog about Mr. Kayli. He better be pretty awesome so that people will want to read about him.

  3. I love love! I am so happy for all who are in love. Love is a great thing!

  4. While the picture of me and Boba Fett is pretty darn awesome, I'm afraid that Boba just isn't as awesome as Lauren.

  5. I wonder if Chris and Dave know the power of the work party. And to think I was there for both of these beginnings.

  6. Chase, I tried to find a pic of you and Lauren. Apparently facebook does not properly represent the love you have for her because I couldn't find a pic of you two together. But Boba Fett is a close second though, don't you think?

    Mom, I discussed it with Dave the other day. Dave and Wade said they should start a matchmaking business on the side.

  7. I think I just figured out why I need to get a job. Maybe if I have a job then I can go to a work party. This could be brilliant. I feel good about it.


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