Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Theory Confirmed

Today, there was an important announcement on Yahoo! News. There has been some debate about whether the dinosaurs were killed by a bunch of volcanoes or by a large asteroid hitting the earth. It seems the debate is over and they've concluded that the asteroid hit in Mexico, causing earthquakes all over the world. In addition, debris in the atmosphere cut off the sun and caused a global winter. (That sounds like a good cure for global warming.)

There's a reason this is important.  It reminds me of a conversation Robyn and I had recently.  I was telling her how if I was a god and was in charge of creating the Earth I would put lots of cool dinosaur things all over the place.  The only difference is I would make them all dockable like on Pandora.

Anyway, this helped us realize why the dinosaurs exist and why they suddenly ceased to exist. Heavenly Father was creating all sorts of super cool dinosaurs. He made great big ones like supersaurus and diplodocus. He made super cool predators like deinonychus, which hunted in packs; or tyrannosaurus, which hunted alone.

He was having a great time. He couldn't believe all the cool creatures he had come up with. Finally, his wife came to him. She said lovingly, "I know you're having a lot of fun down there, but I think it's time to put away your dinosaurs so we can start a family." He looked at her with his puppy dog eyes, but he realized she was right. Reluctantly, he stretched forth his hand.


That was the end of the dinosaurs. He had to clean up the earth a little after the meteor; but when He was done, He had a fabulous garden for Adam and Eve.

This theory jives perfectly with what paleontologists are saying. So, I'm fairly sure it's correct. Unless they're still alive and just hiding.


  1. For hundreds of years, science and religion have been at odds in their beliefs versus "fact." You, Jeff, have bridged this gap for the entire world, and on a more personal note: You have saved our testimony! Tomorrow, in Fast and Testimony meeting, I plan to stand and share this great truth with the congregation that all may be edified.

    Nick and I laughed so hard in this story. Our favorite part is "then he stretched forth his hand...METEOR!" We like to read the "meteor" part like the "Sunday sunday sunday" guy. It makes that part exciting.

  2. This post made me so happy. I think that's all I can say.

  3. I am so glad I figured this one out. Even if it is not true at least it makes us all laugh.

  4. So I guess you need to keep playing with your dinosaurs and don't let Robyn break down your puppy dog eyes!!

  5. I have to say LOL to that post. That is not a term I use lightly. Melissa was in the room when I read it, she can vouch for the laughter that went on.

  6. Did you get into the doctrine of a Heavenly Mother? This was a serious post. I too understand that sometimes us guys need to play with our dinosaurs for a while before it is time to start a family.

  7. I'm assuming you were using god in the middle of the creation as a metaphor for yourself. I'm curious how the "family" is coming....


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