Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Should Be a Na'vi

Spoiler Alert:  Though this post does not discuss details of the plot, it does discuss a few things you will see in the movie Avatar.  If that will ruin your movie experience do not read this post.

So Robyn and I saw Avatar with Graham and Megan this evening.  There is alot to like about this movie: awesome creatures, fight for freedom, cool 3D visuals, sweet action scenes and more.  But there is one aspect of this movie that I just had to share.

You see, every living thing on the planet(moon?) Pandora has something growing out of their head (they call it a queue) that is much like a USB cable.  I thought this was possibly the coolest thing ever.  Imagine if everything you saw outside had a USB cable growing out of it.  You see a stray cat, you plug it into your computer.  Now it does your bidding.  How much cooler is it if you could eliminate the computer and plug it into your own head.

Every animal on Pandora has this cable. Total plug and play software is included.  You just plug in and sync  with the animal.  Every creature becomes a dockable accessory.  During the war with the humans, I figured the humans didn't stand a chance, they had to build their technology.  The Na'vi vehicles and weapons just grew.

This is why I want to be a Na'vi.  I mean we have USB drink coolers, webcams and even crazy stuff like Nerf dart launchers but can I sync with a 4 winged pterodactyl(leonopteryx)?  I say unto you, nay.

There's only one thing lacking.  The Na'vi could use some kind of wireless technology.  They always have to be hard linked into everything.  They even have these cool web hotspots where these giant trees grow ethernet cables so you can plug into the world wide web.  (They even provide free hosting of any data you'd like to upload.)  But you still have to be physically plugged in.  If I were a Na'vi, my first contribution to society would be working on a wireless option.  Then the possibilities would be endless.


  1. You have one CrAzY imagination, my love! I didn't even think of any of those things during the movie. I'm glad you are always looking for was to improve life as we know it, and for others as well.

  2. I'm commenting on this post even though didn't read it, since I have not yet seen Avatar. I am SO not wanting to see it, but I've heard way too many good things about it, so I feel like I have to once it gets to the dollar theater. I'll read this once I see it and then I'll comment again!

  3. I think that would be cool, however I would like to offer a contrary opinion. I don't want any technology that makes it easier for anyone to takeover my brain. I am fairly happy with my brain and I don't want anyone to give it a virus and take control of my body. Just FYI

  4. Haven't seen the movie. Kinda don't want to. Does that make me a bad person?

  5. There were lots of things about the Na'vi that I liked. For one, being 10 feet tall would be pretty cool. You could always see in parades and you could find people you were looking for in large crowds. Pretty cool!

  6. That was one of the better parts of the movie, granted. I wish there were a few more....

  7. Thanks for making me a part of your Avatar experience. :) It makes me laugh how you can make such a nature-oriented society sound so techie.

  8. So as we discussed in the office, we actually did find Wireless communication going on in the movie (near the end, when all the animals...ya once). Apparently Eywa didn't share the wireless protocols with the Na'vi yet, because they didn't know it was coming.

    Also, I appreciate you naming USB drink coolers and dart guns (although it's technically not Nerf), especially since I'm pretty sure I'm the only one you know with such accessories. You should have also mentioned USB Woot-off lights.

  9. I just saw the movie on Tuesday and I'm keeping my word by commenting again!

    The movie was excellent! I agree that the "USB cords" were pretty awesome, haha. I'm glad I gave the movie a chance.


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