Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nacho Joy, My Joy

As of late Robyn has been doing some magical things with food. She's able to recreate foods from every restaurant imaginable. I'm not sure quite how she does it. For the purpose of seeking truth I will present all of my theories for your judgment.

Theory 1 Blackmail:
It's possible she has some dirt on the higher ups in these different companies. She has blackmailed them and forced them to share their recipes. An offshoot of this theory is that she has dirt on Warren Buffet. Since he owns large portions of virtually every company, he would be the one source that could have trade secrets for every restaurant on earth. Maybe she's blackmailing him.

Theory 2 Reverse Engineering:
Do you remember the movie Paycheck? The main character was a reverse engineer. They would put him in a room with a competitor's technology and he would take it apart, figure out how it worked, build his own version and often even make improvements. Robyn could be a reverse food engineer. Imagine the possibilities, she could recreate every recipe and improve upon it without ever being told the original ingredients.

Theory 3 Genie:
As of yet, she has only emulated 3 different restaurants. It's possible she specifically wished for knowledge of those three recipes. The Genie theory will be disproved as soon as she does a fourth but at least for now it remains viable.

Theory 4 Cookbook:
I know this one just sound ludicrous, but it's possible she recently purchased a cookbook that had all the recipes that she's recently tried out.

Regardless of how she does it, she has done some amazing things. I'm particularly excited about her most recent. She was able to perfectly copy the meat from Taco Bell. I decided that we should have Nachos. She made the meat and I made my homemade guacamole, I chopped tomatoes and avocadoes, and we had sour cream and cheese and gladness. I was so proud of the result that I just had to take a picture.

Doesn't it look delicious and glorious and happy?


  1. So when am I invited over for dinner?

  2. Your theories make me happy. I vote reverse engineering, cookbook, both, or that Robyn is just awesome.

  3. I vote the Blackmail theory, and that's just because Jeff actually blackmailed me in order to obtain the Blackmail theory. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Robyn!

    Wait, you two aren't really from the same tree; it was more like a branch that was grafted in or something...

  4. I'm thinking Robyn is just that talented. You do have a great imagination though. :)

  5. I love you sweetheart, but it is all in the magic of the internet!

  6. Robyn brings up a good point--the internet. It might be a magic far beyond our comprehension. Though it still seems like a good idea to get some dirt on Warren Buffet.

  7. wow go Robyn!!! And you my amazing cousin- guacamole is one of my favorite things ever!! We should get together and use you guy's wonderful talents!!!! :)

  8. You have an amazing wife--she has magical powers and dirt on others and reverse engineering capabilities and diaper changing capabilities and...the list just keeps going.


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