Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Top Secret Anniversary Trip

I like to go places.  I like to see new things.  I also really like surprises.

Each year for our anniversary, we like to go do a small trip and stay overnight somewhere.  It's generally not very far away.  (The furthest was Lake Tahoe, the closest was Salt Lake City.)  It's usually just one or two nights.  Our first anniversary, I was in charge of planning it.  I took Robyn down to Saint George for the weekend, and we saw Aida at the Tuacahn theater.

We talked about how it would be fun to switch off who was in charge of planning it each year.  However, due to the fact that I love planning trips and Robyn really doesn't, instead of switching off between me planning it one year and Robyn planning it the next, it has turned into me planning it one year and both of us planning it the next.  But this year, I told Robyn I wanted nothing to do with planning it, because I wanted to enjoy having a surprise.

The other night she booked the hotel.  I know because she had me log on to Marriott.com so that we could use our rewards membership.

Obviously, if I wanted to, I could figure out where we're going pretty easily.  I could log on to Marriott.com. I could look at the credit card statement.  I'm sure there are a number of ways that I could figure it out.

But that would ruin the fun.

It's kind of like Christmas.  There's infinite fun in picking up the presents, in feeling them and shaking them.  But you can't secretly open the presents.  That's cheating, and it ruins the game.

And just like Christmas, the anticipation is often more fun than the actual reveal.  I'm super excited about my surprise trip.  Now it's all about scheming to figure out where we're going.

So here's what I know.  We're staying in a Marriott on a Friday night and Saturday night.  We're not flying anywhere.  I'm taking a full day off of work on Friday.

Alright sleuths of the internet, where do you think I will spend my top secret anniversary trip?  (Asking the internet for speculation is not cheating.  Unless Robyn has told you the answer, in which case it ceases to be speculation and is definitely cheating.)

This is what I will look like when I find out where we're going.  Except for hopefully I will be slightly more masculine.

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