Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Stranger, a Phone and a BMW

I love technology.  It has completely changed our world.  It has also completely changed the way we communicate.  I had an amusing experience that I felt needed to be shared.

I recently received a picture message from an unknown sender. The area code was in Florida, so I had no idea who might be sending it.  First, they sent this:

I was confused as to who would want to share this vehicle with me, but I just ignored it.  They really wanted me to enjoy the car though, so they sent this:

Of course, that didn't help me know any better who it was, so I texted back and said, "That's a nice BMW but who is this?"  Their reply was simple, they sent this:

Don't get me wrong, this dude looks awesome with his beamer, but since I've never seen him before it didn't help answer the question of who it was.

Of course, the next thing he did was to call me.  I answered the phone and he asked for Marissa.  When I told him he had the wrong number he was not to be detoured.  "It's your wife."  Was his reply.  I tried to explain to him that, though my memory is not perfect, I can remember my wedding day and I distinctly remember getting married to someone named Robyn.

He was confused at this point, "Marissa isn't your wife?"

"No, sorry."

He apologized and hung up.  So, someone out there in Florida has a wife named Marissa who wants to see an awesome guy with a BMW.  If you see Marissa tell her I took a message from awesome BMW guy.


  1. I am so glad you remembered who you were married to when he asked.

  2. Someday I will send you a picture of me next to my BMW. It will be legit. And, like Robyn, I'm glad that you have a good memory.

  3. I love how he replied to "who is this?"

  4. this just makes me laugh. I hope he finds Marissa soon...

  5. Hahahahahaha. Love when that happens.

  6. I hope he doesn't find Marissa! I'm thinking it's better if he leaves that man's wife alone.

  7. I once had someone sending me pics of their baby. I responded, "Your baby IS cute, but who is this?"

  8. So good of you to take a message for him!


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