Thursday, December 11, 2008

Second Moniversary

Today is my second Moniversary. For those who don't know what a moniversary is, the word was coined in my First Moniversary Post. We've had many adventures this month as well, (None so great as becoming Super heroes like last month)so I thought I'd share a few like I did last month. I've already written about some of the bigger events such as Robyn's birthday and Thanksgiving. But I'll give some of the smaller events some treatment here:

1. The hand to the face This may have been Robyn's revenge for tapping her in the face last month. One night I was asleep and was awoken by Robyn placing her hand on my face, ever so gently. For about 2 seconds I was filled with confusion and just trying to decide what was going on. When I realized Robyn was just resting her hand on my face, I asked, "Is there a reason your hand is on my face?" She promptly took it away and rolled over. She has no memory of this event.

2. The hypnotic mumbling I was awakened one night because I thought I heard Robyn saying something to me. I woke up and asked her to repeat what she said. It's possible she was saying words but my hearing isn't the best and she was mumbling very quietly so what I heard was, "muuummmmnnuummhhh." I then asked if she was awake, "nnnuuummmmuuuunnnnhh" was the reply. Finally, I just said, "you should go to sleep." At which point she rolled over so she was no longer facing me. If she had been awake, she promptly went to sleep. I told her the next morning that it was like she was hypnotized. If she ever does it again I'm gonna test the power of suggestion and see if I can get her to do something interesting such as clucking like a chicken.

3. Forgetting how to kiss This one really had me laughing, because it had me so confused. One night we sat down for dinner. We usually give each other a kiss right after the prayer before we begin eating. For those familiar with how to kiss, it usually involves some gentle suction which causes a satisfying smack. This kiss did not have that. In fact, when our lips touched, she blew onto my mouth. I pulled back, and, with utter confusion, asked, "Did you just blow? Did you forget how to kiss?" The look of confusion on her face was priceless. She was more confused than I was. Apparently she had been thinking about how the food was hot and she needed to blow on it, this caused an involuntary reaction of her blowing during the kiss and left her just as confused as I was.

4. Robyn's amazing cooking Robyn was an incredible cook before we even started dating. But her skills have continued to improve and she has gotten quite amazing. She tries all sorts of experiments but they always turn out great. One of my personal favorites was an experiment she did with some pork. I don't know what she put on it but it was so amazing I couldn't even handle it. I have included a picture of it below for your viewing pleasure.


  1. How is it that I do all the crazy things? I was trying to think of something silly or weird that you have done in the last month and the only thing I could think of was your amazing dance to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You". I was laughing about it in the car today when I heard it on the radio. You are the best. It has been the best two months ever!

  2. I loved this post so much! It was hilarious; thanks for sharing it! I hope to hear more great stories for your third, fourth, and many more moniversaries.

  3. P.S. Tell Robyn she should blog about you dancing to "All I Want for Christmas is You." That sounds like a greeeeat potential blog. ;)

  4. Jeff, your blog entries never disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the silliness that occurs between you and Robyn. I'm also really excited for future moniversaries.

    Robyn must be a great cook - that meat does look delicious! mmmmm.

    And lastly, I'm so excited you added a picture to your profile!

  5. This is terrific news; I predicted blow kissing would come back into style!

  6. I appreciate all the links that you gave us to follow. It was kind of like a treasure hunt. My favorite was the how to kiss. I needed a refresher course, it has been a long time.


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