Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fourth Moniversary

Yesterday was our Fourth Moniversary. I was uber sleepy so I went to bed instead of blogging. But, don't worry, the Moniversary series is still going strong. Lots has happened this month including miraculous samples, an unexpected party, preparing ourselves for zombies and random hot pictures of Robyn.

Here are a few other stories that have occurred in the past month:

The Favorite Uncle Project continues
We recently got to babysit my niece and nephew for a whole evening. Robyn went over there before I was done with work so I headed straight over after work. When I arrived Ian was standing there waiting for me. As I walked in the door he yelled, "JJJJEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFF!" for approximately 12 years. When he ran out of breath he told me it was time for us to play dinosaurs.

However, later in the same evening, the Favorite Uncle Project almost backfired. I was putting Addie to bed and Robyn was about to change Ian's diaper. Ian insisted that the only person who could do a proper job changing his diaper was me. Robyn amusedly told him to go get me and let me know. Fortunately, I'm a genius and thought of something fast. I proposed that I could talk to him and play with him while Robyn changed his diaper. He and I both agreed this was the best option available. Whew! Crisis narrowly averted!

Robyn Goes Hardcore Gamer
So Robyn and I were talking about games we had played when we were younger. I told her about some ancient games I had played and she mentioned a game called ChexQuest. She downloaded it and stayed up uber late that night playing. It's a game that looks alot like Doom only it used to come in the Chex box like 10 years ago or something. All I can really say is that Robyn is beyond awesome.

Incoherent Robyn Strikes Again
One night she began rubbing my back in the middle of the night. I rolled over and asked if she needed anything and she said nothing. In the morning she remembered nothing. The next night she started cuddling with me. I woke up and cuddled for a few minutes and then she decided she was done and rolled over. I asked her this time if she was going to remember cuddling with me. She responded in some sort of alien tongue. But in the morning the only thing she could remember was that I had asked her a question in the middle of the night.

Robyn Becomes Gourmet Chef
She really kicked it up a notch this month. She has begun emulating restaurants. She can now make the In N Out Burger animal style as well as the Costa Vida Pork Salad. Who knows what she'll do next but we may never need to go out to eat again. She's truly amazing.


  1. Just know that I love you when I am awake and asleep!

    Thanks for keeping track of all the fun things we do each month. I think it will be so fun to come back and read these in 10 years!

  2. Haha, thanks for linking "crisis" to Wikipedia. That made my day. I'm glad to hear your moniversary posts are still going strong!

  3. I totally look forward to the 11th of every month for an update on my favorite newlyweds! BTW, your links to Wiki were too funny!

  4. So Robyn won't have to make the animal style burger herself much longer... In N Out has announced they are opening a location in Draper by the end of the year! Maybe people will come out and visit us now! lol

  5. Your moniversaries are the best. I'm glad so many awesome things happen in your lives.

    I love how you were able to avoid a diaper change. Haha.

    And Robyn will have to teach me how to make her delicious meals. In-N-Out and Costa Vida are two of my favs.

  6. ohWOAHdang.. i love CHEX queST! that was the greatest game ever when i was younger!! maybe it's a california thing... b/c all good things come from california.. (chex quest and your wife... right?) haha well jeff. these are great. and so is your gamer wife..

  7. Jeff you should take over Dave Barry's job. He totally would say something like "he yelled for 12 years". I was excited to have Ian want you to change his diaper. Next time maybe he will be more persistent and you will actually do it.


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