Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Road Tripping to Lincoln City

Robyn and I recently got back from a fabulous road trip to Oregon.  It was quite the adventure, and we had a fabulous time.  Over the next few posts, I will chronicle some of the highlights of our trip.

The first destination on our trip was Lincoln City.  Fun fact: Lincoln City, Oregon is really far away from Lehi, Utah.  It took us about 14 hours of driving to get there.   I actually really enjoy road trips.  I love the time alone with Robyn.  I love just putting it on cruise control and watching the world go by.

And, of course I love sing-along time.

Robyn prepared a packet of fun for the road.  She had such things as Mad Libs, the license plate game, a list of get to know you questions and other madness.  I should note, we rocked the license plate game.  We saw the license plates of 45 states (including both Alaska and Hawaii), but we also did some extra credit and got 4 Canadian provinces.  With our extra credit included we have 49/50 which is 98%, a solid A.
I told Robyn we should drive to the east coast to pick up the last few we needed.

I mentioned above that I really do enjoy road trips.  However, the 14 hours to get out there was just a little much.  (We did it over 2 days.  We drove to Twin Falls, Idaho after work on Friday, but that was still 10 hours on Saturday.)  When we pulled in to Lincoln City, I told Robyn that I was done driving for life.  I made her drive the 1 mile from our condo to go out to eat.  Luckily, I was over my hatred of driving by the next day so I was able to drive again.

Once the road trip part was over, it was time for the fun to begin.  Lincoln City is such a chill place.  Our condo was right on the beach, so we loved to just sit and look at the crashing waves.  We opened the windows so the breeze could come in, and it was amazing.
This was one of our favorite things.  It's like a picnic on the beach without the sand.
Of course, we loved relaxing in the condo, but I clearly wasn't going to be that close to the ocean and not get wet.  One of my favorite things on this trip was waking up early while Robyn was still sleeping and going on walks along the beach to discover all the various forms of life.

I learned this is called a moon jellyfish.
There were some tide pools not far away.  I liked to walk over to them and see what I could see.
A starfish chillaxing

An open shell where a mussel once lived.
Lest you think that Robyn didn't enjoy the ocean either, she did come to the tide pools with me once as well, it was just later in the day after she was done sleeping.
Just hanging out with a whole bunch of mussels.
I even got her to touch the ocean once.

Lincoln City was even amazing at night.  As the sun started to get low in the sky, campfires started popping up on the beach near our condo.  Naturally, we had to participate at least once.  We just gathered drift wood on the beach, and we didn't have a ton of it so our fire didn't last long, but I feel we got enough of the experience.

I make this cute little baby fire look good.

Robyn makes it look even better.
I think one of my favorite things was watching the sunset over the ocean.

 One night, Robyn captured the moon and venus shining in the sky during the sunset.
As you can see, Lincoln City was pretty fantastic.  But probably the coolest thing in Lincoln City was when I went crabbing.  So stay tuned for the next post when I tell you about that.

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  1. Finally someone knows what it's like to drive forever! Every summer it takes us at least 15 hrs to get to the coast/okanagan and 30hrs to Orem. Growing up I whined about the 4hrs to bear lake. Now our stake conference drive is a third less than that! Lol. We passed trough Lincoln city a few years ago on a drive back home. Loved it and want to go back. There's something magical about the NW coast. Give Tofino a try one day :)


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