Monday, July 30, 2012

Lehi Foam Day

Some things are too amazing for words. Like bacon, for example. Could you describe bacon to someone who had never had it? There's no way you could possibly express its greatness fully.

 Lehi Foam Day is one of those things. Apparently, the city of Lehi has been doing this fabulous event for a number of years. As a relatively new Lehi resident, this was my first experience with Lehi Foam Day.

Let me try to explain the awesomeness. The local firemen spray their firefighting foam all over a big grassy field. It builds up in mighty piles of gladness, as children, teenagers, adults and everyone in between, frolics among the bubbly, foamy goodness.

I thought it sounded fun. I thought I would just check it out.  I went there just to see what there was to see.  I got there and saw this.
Doesn't it look fun?

Then I ran into my friend Trent. He convinced me that it was too awesome to sit it out.
He looks more precious than me because he has already experienced the foam.
So, even though I didn't really come dressed for it, I knew that, despite the fact that my jean shorts would take a week to dry, I was going to have to get into the foam.  It was a moment of true wisdom when I made that decision.  Here's a little video that captures some of the time before entering the foam, and during the goodness.

Now I'm as precious as Trent.

The awesomeness continued. At one point, I was knee deep in foam. 

This guy even provided a shower afterward.  So you could transition from foamy to wet.
So that's Lehi Foam Day.  Pretty much the greatest thing ever.  (Well, until Lehi has a bacon day.)  I probably didn't fully express how awesome it is.  If you want to truly understand, you'll just have to come with me next year.


  1. I look forward to going with you next year...unless I go visit my parents again.

  2. How come I never get invited to the awesomeness in Lehi? We need to do more fun things together.


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