Sunday, January 11, 2009

Third Moniversary

Well, today is our third Moniversary. I wasn't necessarily planning to recap each month, but the Moniversary series has been fairly popular, so for at least the time being, it is continuing. Here are a few of the adventures we've had in the past month. Of course, we had our first Christmas together, and that was quite an adventure. Robyn covered that on her blog. She also covered her first experience shoveling snow.

1. Purchasing a New Bed
We purchased the bed, but we have not yet recieved it. It should be delivered sometime in the upcoming week. It was quite fun, and the purchase process was a bit of an adventure. Our salesman had told us that whatever bed we decided we wanted, it was important for us to lay on it for an extended period of time to really be sure we like it. So, after we selected the one we were pretty sure we liked, we chilled on it for about 45 minutes there in the store. We felt a little wierd just laying on a bed in the middle of the store, but we felt that the research was an important part of the purchase. The fun part was listening(some might call it eavesdropping) to all the conversations of the other patrons of the store. You can learn alot about people by what they say as they are shopping for beds. A few of the most interesting things we heard were:

Salesman: "You should bring your wife in and you should both pick a bed together"
Patron: "I'm the one who doesn't sleep well. It won't really matter what she thinks, I just want to pick one that I like." (At this point Robyn thanked me for letting her be part of the process)

Another family came in:
Salesman: "What can I show you today?"
Husband: "We're looking for a king size bed"
Wife: "Our kids spend so much time in our bed with us, there isn't room for us anymore, so we need something bigger."

There were a few other interesting ones, eventually we got up off the bed and purchased it. I'm excited to have the bed in our house where we can enjoy it without having conversations all around us.

2. The Favorite Uncle Project
So my family has been slacking in the area of providing nieces and nephews. But one bonus of marrying Robyn was that her brother and his wife live close by with their 2 kids. I've had tons of fun playing with them, and I'm working on being their favorite uncle. There have been a few instances that have shown me I'm making progress on that project. The first is with my niece Addie who just turned 4. Robyn was on the phone with Addie's dad, and Addie asked who he was talking to.
Kenny: "It's Robyn do you want to talk to her?"
Addie: "No, I'm just too arranged to talk to her."
Kenny: "What does arranged mean?"
Addie: "It means I'm just a little shy."
Robyn: "Ask if she wants to talk to Jeff"
Kenny: "Do you want to talk to Jeff?"
Addie: "Oh yes, I'm not too arranged to talk to Jeff."
She then proceeded to tell me everything she knew about Kung Fu Panda.

The second story is about my nephew Ian. Robyn was picking up their family from the airport, since they were coming back from Maryland where they had gone for Christmas. There wasn't going to be room in the car, so I had stayed home. Robyn took my Mercedes to pick them up, so when they got in the car Kenny said something to Ian about how he was in Jeff's car. Apparently the rest of the way home he talked excitedly about how he was in my car.

3. The New Years Kiss
Robyn's family has a tradition of trying something new for the new year. We tried out chocolate flavored tortilla chips, sweet potato chips, acai berry juice and a few other random things. We spent the evening at home playing games (I dominated at Monopoly) and watching movies. The most important new thing was that we had someone to kiss on New Years. (Both of us have always been single on New Years.) My friend Jared was hanging out with us, so we did our best to tone it down for his sake.

4. Robyn learns binary
So one night we were in bed talking. I can't recall how it came up, but somehow we ended up talking about binary. I told Robyn it was simple to learn and I could totally teach her. One thing led to another and soon I had a whiteboard in the bed with us and was explaining how to understand different numerical bases. She first learned binary and then she learned hexadecimal. She's a genius. Not only can she convert both to decimal but she can even convert binary to hexadecimal. I married a smart one.

5. Robyn learns about tower defense
Often when I am looking to relax, I will play simple flash games on the internet. One of my latest that I recently beat is desktop tower defense. Before my obsession with that one, I was fairly obsessed with Bloons tower defense 3. It was alot of fun, and I even got Robyn to play it. She was surprisingly good at it, and I really enjoyed watching her play, especially when she would chant "Go super monkey Go!"


  1. Your moniversaries are the best, so I vote you keep writing about them. I like hearing about how you and Robyn are introducing new, great things into each other's lives. Happy 3rd Moniversary!

  2. There have only been 3 moniversaries?! It seems like you should've written 7 by now. I vote you keep writing about them too. :) They're my fave!

  3. Did you guys jump on the bed befor buying it? I think that is very important.

  4. "This just in...exit poll results have concluded that Super Monkey will take Iowa over Jeff Stockett for Favorite Uncle."

  5. I totally agree about the moniversaries...its a nice little update....I also agree with jumping on the bed...that would have been fun to do while at the store....but fun at home too....

  6. Question: Are you guys living upstairs or down?? Cause I remember the last time you tried to get a large bed downstairs. It did not go over very well as I recall... lol ;)

  7. Our bedroom is upstairs, but we don't have anyone else living downstairs. We just go down there to watch movies. But there shouldn't be a problem because we bought a king size bed and the box spring is split into two twin size box springs, so even if we need to get it down the stairs we're good.

  8. I am so glad that everyone likes hearing about us! I sort of feel special. I also can't believe that it has only been three months. I think we have adjusted to the married thing rather quickly so I just feel like life is normal and as it always should have been. I guess that is a good thing. Being married is a great idea!

  9. I feel really good about the whiteboard in your bed. We have solved many problems with that whiteboard, I hope you continue to get great use out of it.

  10. I think it needs to be said that I helped Robyn get interested in Bloons Tower Defense with all our talk of pineapple bombs and super monkeys. Mother-in-laws can be good for something on occasion!! :)

  11. Jeff, this is wonderful. I cannot express the joy I feel when reading your thoughts and stories. I am SO glad you found Robyn. I'm so glad I know you both.


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