Friday, June 13, 2014

Miss Robison and the Dread Pirate Roberts

My mind is a strange place, it seems.  This is something I already know, because I have the opportunity to live in my mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  My wife can also attest to this.  There have been enough times that she has asked, "What are you thinking?" and received an honest answer, that she knows full well how strange my mind can be.

However, none of that can prepare a person for realizing how strange a place my mind is when I'm asleep.

I don't remember my dreams very often, but when I do, they're usually pretty good.  I thought this one was a particular gem.


You know how in dreams you know certain things, even though it doesn't really make sense?  Well, in this dream we were staying with a good friend of mine.  The house didn't look anything like their house, but I just knew that it was their house.

Also, even though this is not true of this individual's home in real life, in the dream it only had one bathroom.  That is important, because in the opening scene of this dream I am getting in the shower.

Another fact that you may want to know is that when I was growing up, we only had one bathroom in our house.  With 7 people and 1 bathroom, you learn to tolerate slightly less privacy then you would otherwise be comfortable with.  It was not uncommon for someone to use the toilet while someone else was in the shower.  You just both agree to not look beyond the curtain, and all is well.  (Now Robyn and I live in a house with 2 people and 2 bathrooms.  Child Jeff would marvel at my ability to choose between multiple bathrooms.  Yes, child Jeff, dreams do come true.)

Enough background story, back to the dream.  As I was showering, the knowledge came to me that not only did this house have only 1 bathroom, but they were following the cultural norms about less privacy that I did as a child.

It seemed that hundreds of people kept coming to use the bathroom, one after another.  However, unlike my childhood, there was not a shower curtain to hide behind.  I was in one of those showers that are just surrounded by glass.  It was super awkward.  None of the people seemed concerned with the fact that I could see whatever they were doing, but I was very concerned with my own lack of privacy.

Eventually, I just couldn't handle it anymore.  I wrapped a towel around myself and marched out of the bathroom.  (I know that marching out in my towel doesn't exactly help my privacy situation, but these are the wise choices that dream Jeff makes.)  Once I was out of the bathroom and surrounded by the dozens of people that were also staying at this house, I realized that they did, in fact, have a second bathroom and it was currently unused.  (Don't ask me why the number of bathrooms changed so quickly.  Maybe they had a general contractor come over when they realized how many people they had over.)  I quickly ran to that bathroom to finish my shower.

I finished showering and emerged into the house, fresh and clean.

That's when I discovered that this house was expanding at a rapid rate. In addition to growing a second bathroom the house had expanded to gargantuan size.  It was a massive mansion.  I began to explore the structure (because I was no longer surrounded by throngs of people and I wished to discover where they had gone) and I found that there was a whole dance studio where everyone had gathered to watch a competitive dance show.

It was basically Dancing With the Stars, only a lot stranger.

The first couple to come out and dance consisted of Westley from The Princess Bride (naturally dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts) and his partner was my 6th grade teacher, Miss Robison.

Remember how I mentioned that in dreams you just know things?  Well, as soon as I saw the Dread Pirate and my beloved teacher, I knew that they had fallen in love during the long time since I had been in sixth grade.  I also knew that they had been married, and were making many precious little dread pirates.
Don't they look so in love?

They danced their hearts out and I was so happy for them, both for their dancing prowess and their clear love for each other.

And we all lived happily (and awkwardly) ever after.

How weird is that?

As always, I welcome your dream interpretations.


  1. Was the house bigger on the inside than on the outside?

    1. I never saw the outside, but it was probably some sort of Tardis. It was definitely warping time and space.

  2. Hahaha... on a side note, I live in a house with two people and four bathrooms. That's a big leap from when I used to use the toilet while one person was in the shower, and someone else was at the sink. The door opened to protect the toilet. Remember?

    Anyway. It makes me happy to think of Miss Robison so happily married and making little baby pirates.

  3. First off in the dream your only concern was to get clean, this is showing that you feel yourself unclean, perhaps unworthy, of things that you have every right to have. The people coming were proof that you were in fact perfectly "normal" and as you coward in fear and trembling eventually you had to face up to the fact and you took charge of your "uncleanness" and lept (yes I like to think you didn't just casually walked out but took great leaps and maybe even had a battle cry as you got the towel and left) away from the whole thing giving you time to reevaluate your situation and to get ready for the next step. With your new found self awareness you can clearly see that whole world in front of you and are able to better accept/adapt to your surroundings.
    Once your world had completed it's quick expansion (I wanna lean to thinking your family will be expanded but this is a dream not a vision... or is it?) you were able to join in the festivities and see happiness all around.
    As to your teacher and Wesley I think that is childhood happiness bubbling up from deep inside just waiting for you to have a new world that is completely fresh, new, and massive. Your child like mind wants to be happy.

    That or you had a bad piece of chicken.


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