Thursday, May 23, 2013

Men and Women are Different

So it turns out that men and women are different.  I know this is a big revelation.  It's a thought that has never occurred to you before.

Well, I have some supporting evidence to show you that there is, in fact, a difference.

The other day I noticed something hanging on our fridge.  Here it is.

That is my wife's visiting teaching assignment.(Obviously, with names and numbers hidden.) (In my church, the men and women are both given assignments of people within the congregation to share a gospel message every month as well as check on them and make sure all of their temporal needs are met.)

Do you see all the cuteness and the inspiring message?  I bet that the cuteness and little message really inspire the sisters to love and serve each other.

Do you want to know what the Elder's Quorum gave me to let me know my home teaching assignment?

I got a phone call.  About 6 months after they had changed my assignment.

Men and women are different.  Advantage: women.

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