Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alaska Here I Come

This week something very important happened.  This might blow your mind, so brace yourself.  Are you ready?

The cruise company took my money.  That's right.  It's official.  I'm going on a cruise to Alaska this summer.  I actually booked it like 2 months ago, but at that point I only had to pay a deposit.  Now I've actually paid for the whole thing which probably doesn't make it any more official, since it was already official.  But now it feels official.

I'm very excited for all the things I'm going to experience while I'm in Alaska.  Because I know all of you are eager to experience my trip through this blog, I have taken the liberty of traveling to the future and grabbing some photos off of my camera.  Don't worry, this isn't all of them.  I will share more after the actual trip.  So you still have plenty to look forward to.

But, here are some of the highlights of my future trip.

I'm going to see eagles in the wild.
Naturally, I'm going to go Hobbit style, with the eagles.

I'm going to go whale watching.
When I go whale watching, I don't just watch from a boat.  I like to put on my life jacket, and really become part of the action.
I'm going to ride a train into the Alaskan wilderness.
Maybe I'll even be the conductor.

I'm even going to encounter Sasquatch in the wilderness.
This is in a weird part of the wilderness where it is half green and half brown.

And, of course, don't forget about the delicious food I'm going to eat on the cruise.
Sometimes I eat sandwiches in one bite.

As you can see, I'm going to do a lot of amazing things.  Stay tuned for this summer when I show you even more pictures of my adventures.


  1. Careful riding the eagles. They may leave you stranded in some very inconvenient place. I mean, they just aren't the most reliable form of transportation.

    1. It's true. That's why I will be relying on the cruise ship to get me from place to place and only relying on the Eagles for an entertaining ride. I just hope I don't end up at the top of a mountain when I should be getting back on the ship.

  2. Your eagle picture turned out especially awesome. I can see why you were so excited about it.

    1. Thanks! After I finished that one I determined I was not going to put that much effort into the others.

  3. I loved your pictures! I am so excited to be going to Alaska too!

  4. It looks like we are going to have a lot of fun! Thanks for the preview.

  5. One of my bffs just moved to Alaska. Why does everyone have to go to Alaska? You should visit southern CA and hang out with me. Then we would have more contact than our blog comments. ;)


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