Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forty Second Moniversary

Forty Two months ago today, I began the adventure of a lifetime.  I remember I started the day by making myself a huge breakfast.  (I knew I would be sitting through a lot of pictures and I was going to need my energy.)  After that I got dressed all snazzy like.  I drove over to the temple where I saw Robyn.

I had had a fairly laid back morning.  The wedding wasn't scheduled until noon so I had plenty of time to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  Robyn, on the other hand had been up since the dawn of time.  Apparently her hair takes longer to prepare than the 30 seconds mine takes.  She claims that it snowed on our wedding day, but no normal human was awake early enough to see a single flake.

We met with some temple workers to make sure we had the marriage license all taken care of as well as some other details.  After that we were able to go stand in the celestial room together while we waited for our friends and family to gather in the sealing room.  I have been to the temple many times.  Never have I had the celestial room entirely to myself.  But this day, Robyn and I were completely alone.  Even the temple worker that usually stands at the door left us.  I remember standing there with her, looking into the mirrors that go on forever, thinking that it would only be moments until we were husband and wife, together forever.

Eventually, everyone had gathered and it was our time.  We went into the sealing room where our family and closest friends had gathered.  We knelt across the altar from each other.  I was asked a very important question, to which I answered, "yes".  Robyn was asked the same question.  I remember the slight apprehension as I awaited her answer.  This was the moment of truth, if she was going to back out, now would be the time.  Of course, all of this went through my head in the split second before her answer.  She did give the correct answer, and before we knew it we were sealed together as a couple.
This is how precious we were coming out of the temple.

The rest of the day is a blur.  We had a delicious luncheon, an exciting reception and a fun drive to a cabin honeymoon getaway.

Immediately, marriage became an adventure.  It was the early days of this blog, and for our first year I recorded some of the interesting things in the adjustment to marriage, every moniversary (like an anniversary, but every month.)  One of the most exciting things I discovered, was that Robyn has a tendency to do very interesting things while sleeping.

Of course, today is an important day in history.  Though I stopped recording each moniversary, there have now been 42 of them.  And since 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything,  I thought I should commemorate this important day with a post.
42.  Ya, that's all this caption says.

Though it's been 42 months, Robyn hasn't changed her awesomeness.  Just last night, I was sleeping like a good lad.  Robyn reached over and started to scratch my arm.  I woke up just in time for her to transition her scratching into poking.  I asked her why she was poking me.  She simply answered, "I didn't know I was poking you."  Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.  The adventure continues.


  1. I'm glad she's your roommate now instead of mine. On the other hand, I agree with you that she's awesome and I'm glad you reached the important 42nd moniversary.

  2. That was way more preciousness than I was prepared to handle. I thought the post would be about an anniversary that only lasted 40 seconds. Anyway, I'm still happy you got married. And I'm glad that Robyn learned to like tin foil dinners.

  3. WHAT! Why did you wait for me to read it on your blog to know that I poked you in the middle of the night! I'm not sure I believe all your stories of my craziness!

  4. Loved this post very thoroughly. For a moment there you made me wanna get married....but it was just a mement. hahaha. Great post, truly.

  5. I have missed this!! (& totally didn't see the 42 reference coming, hahaha)


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