Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Post Office Thinks I'm in California

So whenever I feel frustrated with the fact that Post Office prices have doubled over the last 15 years, I think about how terrible they are at their job and then I feel even worse.

So here's the deal.  In the month of May there are like 4,000 birthdays over the course of 2 days in my family.  (And by 4,000 I mean 3.)  We celebrated one of those birthdays this past Saturday.   I purchased the present roughly a week before, knowing that Amazon could get it to me in plenty of time.

Amazon said it would arrive on Wednesday.  I always trust Amazon.  Amazon is my most trusted friend.

On Thursday, it hadn't arrived yet, so I checked the website.  It said the package had been delivered.  But since I hadn't received it, I was a little confused.  I clicked on the "track package" button because it usually has notes about whether they left it with a neighbor or at the back door or something weird like that.

Well, the delivery notes were a little weird.  But it wasn't at my back door.  It was in Norco, California.  It just said, "Delivered:  Parcel Locker.  Norco, CA."

I double checked the address I had given them.  It was definitely to my house in Lehi, UT.

I'm just trying to imagine how that even happens.  The guy driving the truck is like, "I have a whole truckload of packages.  I bet at least one of them belongs in Norco, and that does seem like a big parcel locker.  I guess I'll leave them all here.  I bet no one will notice."

I got online to chat with an Amazon representative.  They were very helpful.  They told me there was nothing they could do to retrieve the package because it was delivered.  (I was hoping Amazon would send stormtroopers to break in and get it back, but alas, that didn't happen.)  But they asked if it would be acceptable to ship another copy.  I said that would be very acceptable.

You want to know the best part?  Apparently whoever owned the parcel locker decided to forward the package on to me.  Now I have 2 copies.  One as a gift, and one for me.

I guess this post office blunder gave me a free book.  That might help to pay back the ever rising postal costs.

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