Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Spammers Try to Evict Me

Junk mail amuses me, particularly the email variety. When it's completely free to send something, people don't spend much time thinking about whether it makes sense.

Take for example this little gem I recently received:

Eviction notice,

We hereby give you a notice that due to multiple violations your tenancy of the premises you occupy will be terminated on March 04, 2014.

Detailed description of the violations and adjudication are attached herewith.

Unless you vacate the property until March 21, 2014, the Court will provide an order to evict you and require you to pay all the costs incurred in bringing this action.

Court bailiff,

First, I love that the salutation was "Eviction notice". No, "Dear Jeff", or "To the love of my life", not even a "To whom it may concern".  I just don't feel very cared about by this sender.  Also, I don't feel like they even know who I am.  It's almost like this is a form letter sent to thousands.

Second, if I was getting an eviction notice, I would think it would have the address of the place I'm being evicted from.

Third, shouldn't the email at least mention the landlord? Since I own the home I live in, that landlord would be me. So this email should have come from someone representing me, but I suppose that's beside the point.

Is anyone fooled by this sort of thing?  Even if you don't own your home, you'd think there would be some sort of specific information, such as your name or the landlord's name.

Oh well.  There was a nice little zip file attached.  I'm sure it had a really precious virus.  But I guess we'll never know just how precious that virus was since I deleted it.

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