Friday, December 27, 2013

Snapchatting Christmas

I've had a fabulous Christmas vacation in Clovis, California.  It's been filled with fun visits with family, adventures in nature, fun presents, Christmas traditions and delicious food.  I promise to fill you in on all the festivities in more detail later, but for now, here are some of my favorite snapchats that have transpired since my first snapchat update.

I bet you didn't know I was a timelord.

Also, my niece is the Dark Lord who crafted the one ring.

Did I mention my niece actually played nearly every character in the Hunger Games movies?

Also, I'm a Jedi.  And if the caption doesn't make any sense, I have an app on my phone where you tap it to crack an egg.  I'm getting so close to hatching that thing!

Christmas may be over, but Teanca's shiny nose will live on in our hearts.

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