Monday, November 25, 2013

In The Closet

Today's post is short. I just wanted to share some pictures of me in the closet. Sorry if you thought the title implied it was something it wasn't.

Just over a year ago, my friend Melissa gave Robyn and I a tour of her new house.  She was a proud new homeowner and we walked through talking about future plans for each room, discussing the little projects, pointing out the cute things we liked, etc.  At one point, I discovered that her closet was the exact height of one Jeff.  Naturally, Robyn snapped a picture.

I do weird stuff like that all the time.  I thought nothing of it.  Until a year later, I was looking at old photos and happened to come across that picture.  It also just so happened that Melissa invited us over for dinner and some good times this past week.  I decided the only logical course of action was to wear the exact same shirt that I had worn a year ago, so that when I was reunited with the closet, it would recognize me.
Above are the 2 pictures, side by side.

It turns out I used to be a fairly large individual.  (And I used to have a super sexy beard.)  When I took the first picture, I had no intention of it being a "before" picture.  The second picture is certainly not an "after" picture, because I still have plenty more to do before I reach optimal health.  But I was kind of surprised to realize how far I've come in a year in improving my health.

The old me couldn't even put my arms straight down.  (And Robyn pointed out that I had a very endearing waddle.)

Hopefully next November I can visit Melissa's closet again.  It's really the best way to measure progress.


  1. Let's put it on the calendar for next year!

  2. As endearing as the waddle was, I think I like the healthier you!

  3. This is so cool to see it in this way. Great idea to wear the same shirt so you get such a good perspective.


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