Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Curse of the Y Chromosome

So I'm cleaning things up for the night to get ready to go to bed.  Robyn and I had ordered pizza from Papa John's, so I was putting the leftovers in the fridge and throwing away the boxes.  Of course, in each pizza box is the peperoncini pepper that they always include with each pizza.  I've always known of myself that I don't like hot things, so I've thrown this pepper away 100 times.  But tonight something welled up inside me, I had to know what it tasted like.  So I bit into it.  It wasn't the hottest thing I've ever eaten.  It didn't kill me or anything, but I certainly didn't enjoy it.

It got me thinking about why we do things we don't like.  How often do guys get together and say things like, "This tastes horrible, you've got to try it."  or "Man, that stinks, take a whiff."  The thing is that I've only ever seen males do this.  Maybe women do it too, but I've never seen them do it.  That's why I think there's something in the Y chromosome that makes us try stuff we know we won't like.  Not to mention, we often get joy in sharing the things we don't like.  I had a box of pizza puffs (a snack that was supposed to taste like pizza) that I had bought and didn't really like.  I had the box sitting at my desk at work for a month and made everyone that came into my office try them.  It was a blast!

I don't know why we do this.  I suppose we can't control our genetics.  But, I did go pick up some mulch at the compost station in Provo today.  The whole place really stunk.  You totally have to go with me next time to find out what it smells like.


  1. I recently discovered the purpose of these peppers. They are delicious and a nice accent now and then. How you ask? You don't eat it! You break it open and drip its juicey goodness, just a little, on whatever you're about to bite into. (Or just all over what you're eating.) In-n-Out supplies loyal customers with them if you bat your eyes and ask really seductively for them. Chris puts them on his humbagers.
    I also enjoy Papa Johns, and sometimes, not always, I crack one of those suckas open and drip drop it on my delish extra-cheesey slice. Next chance you get, play with one. Break off the top (if it has one) and pinch and kill, justfofun.

  2. I love that you did this while I was downstairs. It does fascinate me that you will try things, knowing full well that you will not like it. Maybe it is a guy thing. Next time when someone wants you to try something gross, use logic and don't eat it!

  3. You won't mind if I pass on the invitation. I am really short on the Y chromosome these days:)

  4. I am grateful for my Y chromosome. I'm glad that I randomly try stuff even if it is just to find out bad it really is. Having said that, the pepper that comes with Papa Johns is excellent.

  5. Guys do do that! So weird. When someone wants me to smell something nasty I refuse. If they know it smells bad there's no need for me to smell it!

  6. I brought home some breath mints from south africa that taste like perfume. Absolutely NO one has liked them, but I had to bring them just to see their face when they put it in their mouth. I don't think it's exclusively a y chromosome thing.


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